Test Ducati Monster 821 Stripe: monstrous but ‘educated’

Test Ducati Monster 821 Stripe: monstrous but &# 039; educated&# 039 ;. ¿Cómo is this Italian at short distances? Can she seduce? We test your nerves.

Dan rains. ¿We defer sessionPhotos?". Of course not! Me neither wanted me calarme,but a bike like this does not deserve to be in the garage. At 23(The first Monster was launched in 1993) and, despite its strongundeniable character and rejuvenating treatments, is no longerTeenager: the years-and emissions- regulations have himrefined manners, its power is no longer as striking aswhen he saw the light, but still so beautiful, it has aTAN TAN overwhelming presence and personality ... thatAnd he sees oye- from afar. And since this often flirtatious asphaltpose so well on the track, why not get wet -inmost literal sense of the term and analyze it thoroughly forEveryday hundreds of kilometers of rain and cold? testedDucati Monster 821 Stripe... with interesting SafetyPack.

Video-testDucati Scrambler Classic.

You may Ducati ussurprise one day with a 125 cc model do rendkevlar garments purists. Or present it as adressed back to small segments of practical scooter, butItalian design and colors Ducati Corse. But for now, thebrand has enough models as attractive as thatsee "Ducati pick up" on the agenda will gladly day, although pourin,because you'll ensure a few days of performance and fun.Furthermore, the fact of belonging to Audi (Audi buys Ducati see) has not diminished her aapex attractive. And now, last but not least, is the fashionsince Jorge Lorenzo announcedhis move to Ducati for the 2017 MotoGP season.

Focusing on Monster,It is a motorcycle that has matured a lot over the years. maintains itsalways very essence thanks to its multi-tubular chassis, her voicehoarse and abrupt reactions when he wants with its 112 hp. Thisof beautiful when angry ... But, eventually, its beauty -forme, Stripe version is the most spectacular 821- hasI proved not to be incompatible with exquisite education whenit is ways look very adverse conditions: known to be veryrefined when you touch, thanks to its front suspension completelyadjustable -of which have neither the Monster 821 or 821 Black-and, above all, by the Safety Pack with ABS and traction controladjustable in eight positions. 

Thus, if you take her to'Party' and not get bored: Italian still a rebel,fun and good family, though with much genius if youTickle looking to hit the accelerator. When passesSport driving mode to Touring and Urban, HEwill become a perfect partner for everyday confidences,with much more predictable parameters in the torque managementengine braking and traction response. And today noWe can go to a hotel, but we have to dance in therain, have to go slowly with the relationship, so this storylove does not end in romp (in the bad sense). 

Test Ducati Monster 821 Stripe (17)

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016

    The Monster is one of the most recognizable Ducati market ... (Photo: Álex Aguilar).

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016 action

    ...aesthetics and sound.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-chassis-tubular

    The beautiful and effective Trellis chassis multitubular type and its rounded lighthouse have good fault.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-back

    During the photo shoot, he did not the most appropriate to enjoy its 121 hp day, but the Safety Pack was quiet.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-Curve

    The Stripe is the most colorful of all Ducati Monster 821 and continues to draw attention.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-curve-engine

    Another (and) classic: Testastretta L-twin engine.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-scanning-side

    821 Stripe only have it in this color: red with Stripe Livery longitudinal line.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-faro-dome

    The beautiful cupulín matching is an ornament rather than an aerodynamic necessity.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-pilot-back

    Taillight is simple but equally recognizable.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-rear-tail-escape

    It is behind Ducati, with dual exhaust outlet and transformable pollock tandem.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-fender

    The only downside is that it protects some dirt on the asphalt in the rain.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-box

    The picture is very complete and only need the fuel level. Electronic aids are configurable.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-controls

    Everything is controlled from the left fist.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-control-start

    On the right, the power button is hidden by the short stream, which is already house brand.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-handlebar

    The handlebar light and sporty, it is also adjustable to your driving style.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-franada

    Braking for the Monster 821 is powerful but without frusquedades. Its standard ABS makes it even more effective.

  • Test-Ducati-Monster-821-Stripe-2016-brake-Brembo-safety-pack

    Brembo brakes are their standard. The Safety Pack this unit does the rest ...

It's time to talk about the 'Kamasutramoteril 'if I allow the expression: not the driving positionIt is ideal for very tall people, because it imposes sportsmanshipforms contained. In addition, the cubrepantalón I wear nopromotes the aesthetics of the whole, but hey, this is a bike thatnot only for the circuits, although in recent days seemsthat 'Ducati' it's just a matter of MotoGP racing. However, noby trapitos discuss - the bike is not to blame that Imeasure 1.90m or what is the wet asphalt-or for theirstudied curves, which promote daily living to gowork center without falling into the routine, as this also nakedIt is ideal to take a fling and let your hair down purposesweek by mountain roads. 

Before the photo shoot,I discover a sticker of a media outlet in the cupulín andI remember the Ducati dealership where I picked meThey spoke of the tester: if well known brand motorcycles,if he has participated with a Ducati several times in the Pikes Peak ... So if I want to liveto tell the tale, maybe should tweak the parameters beforetwist the throttle. 

And set up the bike for aslow, saving and safe driving mode that Urbanmentioned above, you can go anywhere and Colartequite well in hollow semaphores because of reducedbattle. However, notes that the protest throughout the engineshaped path little torque and convey the feelingyou have to continually lower gear. In other words:asks the Monster War and I clean my conscience knowingthat passage through the streets is just a taste of things to comemorning, as soon as the road dries. 

For now, I can just knock downmuch without controlling the rear axle, but aide 'on' -and letting behave intensive motorcycle,you breathe calmer. Although a small voice with an Italian accentstill ringing in my head: "Alora: dale gas, or you'll have funmuch less than it should, bambino ...".

And the sun rises

The photos are already made, but notIt is until the weekend when you really going to try this Ducatiin sauce. And dry way to Sport mode and I gainround 

Defects? I have it somewhat idealized,but I recognize that with so much rain, wait to liesinuosos- -in her paths, because it gets a little nervous,despite electronics. In addition, it is capricious with that expenditure andoffended when you care for autonomy (no indicator,but a counter when he jumps booking, appears and you have a30 km to carry the petrol-or at home). A little shortroll, but you have to love her as well. Yet, for me, a Monster,despite the years, it remains a dream for adults and mostdamp... 

The best: behaviordriving modes, response to high turns,series elements (RBW cover pollock, passenger handles, miniDome. Preinstallation alarm and the Ducati Safety -more DAA Pack:ABS + DTC- 24 month warranty and unlimitedmileage), aesthetics, pomoción (see data sheet).

Worst: without tube, bass response,effectiveness of the rear fender, battle (for tall people).

Photos: Álex Aguilar. 

Equipement: Givi helmet 50.4 sniper jacketAxo Madison, gloves Hevik Stoccolma.

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