¿Audi Q5 gasoline or diesel?

¿Audi Q5 Audi Q5 petrol or diesel? A comparative, a priori, is easy: both Q5 have a capacity of two liters, 180 and 170 hp respectively carry turbo and equipment is substantially equal. Is it worth spending 1,800 euros more for diesel? Lets go see it.

When choosing between the Audi Q5gasoline or diesel must havenote one aspect: in recent years,turbos I have been implemented too slowlyunder the hood of gasoline, for big cars withsmall motor count on a good extra help, which helpsmatch this comparison. Right now, the Audi Q5 still has a displacement2.0L, but diesel achieves 350 Nm of torqueand 1,750 laps gasoline, 320 Nm at 1,500revolutions ... It is clearly a difference of notworth talking to. That force is noticeable at startup.

He Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI (TurboFuel Stratified Injection; gasoline direct injection turbo)clutch starts without tricks and pushes at 1500 rpm, withthe force are expected turbodiesel enginesmodern. The Q5 petrol turbo is not going to lag behind the mechanicaldiesel. Figures show when accelerating in fifth andsixth gear: technical draw.

When accelerating and shifting up, theAudi Q5 petrol he takes a few meterslead to his rival, Audi Q5 diesel... ThisClearly, the 10 hp extra power and 28 kilos less makewhen quite get the diesel almost 5 seconds ahead160 km / h. Not a lot, but there are data.

Its performance does not leave much room to differentiate, butYes Tickle to find them comfort. I do not mean tochassis in the Audi Q5, It is quite firm withoutyour moron becomes annoying (video Audi Q5). Pay1,365 euros for the height adjustable suspensionnot worth even for lovers of comfort. And it isQ5 that the chassis does not become softer when you put thecushioning comfort mode. The engine is what really makesthe difference as far as comfort is concerned.

And it is that, today, and despite the direct injection commonrail and sound insulation, diesel fourcylinder still more scandalous than a machinegasoline. After the latter is able to start withstealth and smoothness even in adverse weather conditions andengine always turns low vibrations and elegance.He Audi Q5 diesel, however, makes enough noiseto step on the accelerator when it is very cold and transmitted toinner vibration. Even in theAudi Q5 2.0 TDI you end upgetting used to, but when you turn to ride the 2.0TFSI, engine smoothness makes the heart andears you get a beat with joy.

And how the thing looks consumption made out of fuelin this duel Audi Q5 petrol or diesel? Wellthe truth is that the times in which a diesel savedtwo to three liters per 100 km are over. If you look at theofficial consumption, Audi Q5 diesel promisessaving almost two liters, but during our test cyclediesel advantage is reduced to only 1.4 liters / 100 km: 7.4 vs8.8 liters / 100 km. Only if you step on the accelerator forwardhighway or you face every day to a very trafficdense, the difference in consumption does reach the two liters. If you go tobackground an empty highway diesel consumes 8.5 liters / 100 kmgasoline and 11 liters.

I suggest you make a calculation costs:plus fuel costs must be added totaxes, insurance Ymaintenance. As expected, theAudi Q5 gasoline is slightly belowdiesel in the level of insurance. This is normal, because thediesel versions often do more kilometers and therefore increasesStatistically the possibility of an accident. But thedifference is quite insignificant to take this into accountwhen making your decision to choose one or the other engine.

Yes, as far as purchase price and fuel costsconcerned, yes there are more significant differences between the AudiQ5 petrol and diesel. The first, well equipped, exits1,790 euros less than diesel. The latter takes the lead, inInitially, because the cost ofgas it's lower. If we consider the figurestest consumption and about 15,000 km / year, a saving diesel355 euros per year. That is, you need more than five yearsrecoup the price difference. If you travel 10,000 km / year,then they are seven and a half years, and if 25,000 km / year, thenthe period is reduced to three. If you set aside the purchase price,the Audi Q5 diesel saves from the outset, since the restcosts are not much more expensive than those of gasoline.

The issue of resale diesel is prettytricky, since recently show that the demand forused cars is changing. But there is still a large majorityAlternatively, as a used car, diesel, not only for its lower expense,but because they know that these engines operate at lowerspeed and so often last many more years. And that themarket knows and rewards, with a higher appreciationthese vehicles. You must take into account whento choose between an Audi Q5 diesel or gasoline.

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