Dartz Kombat T98: a lethal machine

A 6.6 liter V8 engine protected by heavy armor and can be guarded by the guns become Kombat T98 in the 4x4 fierce series of all time

AUTO BILD 4x4 in Monaco, the most exclusive andglamourous Europe. Its ruler, Prince Albert II, greatlover and collector cars, likes to promoteelectric vehicles. However, wealthy Russian citizensnot seem so conscious about the environment andAir emission of harmful gases. For this clientele,Dimitri Parfenow and Gennadi Lazurin have created the KombatT98. In his office receiving some firearmsdecorate the room instead of flowers. In this line, the Kombatoptional prefers to offer a worthy arsenal of a Panzer insteadMetallic paint or wood inserts. these extraswar, which are available in versions FastAttack or Special Operation are not necessarilymandatory because, even without the machine guns, hewheel vehicle martial rhythm march. Anypotential attack will be aborted for fear of this moleMilitary air.

This mixture of SUV and combat tank is preparedforever protect passengers thanks to its wide moonsthickness and corpulent steel walls of its body. Hevehicle I tested had a B6 armor class, ie isprepared to withstand fire from a Kalashnikov SS 109. In addition,It includes wishlist extra powerful weapons with ammunitionheavy up to 7.62 x 51mm. It is also possibleto strengthen the shield to equate it with a tank.

But does it really this model represents the rebirth ofautomobile production of the former Soviet Union? For theless adds to the added supply of Lada and company.

Its main function is to serve as an element of attraction forthe public and be flagship brand in the HallMonaco luxury car. All kinds of Russian builders areusing this powerful image to show the world their newproducts, from sports cars to monster 4x4like Kombat, or even table lamps with designing ahand grenade.

In this kind of 'automotive experiments' good tastedoes not always win, but the enthusiasm forinnovation. Although the reality is that these projects onlypartly convinced.

And why it takes place in Monaco the great staging ofKombat? For many Russians live there who they are wealthywilling to buy a product from their homeland. Must be verymoney to think about buy one of these little ones.The list price starts at 140,000 euros, asimilar to the armored version of the Land Rover sumDiscovery.

When you have the opportunity to see a vehicle of this type,you first question that arises is what kind of feelingtransmit. Outside, the doors reminiscent of asafe and luggage compartment handle steel gives the vehicle asolid appearance.

In the section on driving, shown Kombatsurprisingly manageable and fast; even turning radius islower than expected. 6.6 liters diesel engine V8 from theChevrolet / GMC pick up does not suffer to set in motion the whole4,150 kg, and provides a satisfactory push fromlower cuentavueltas. In addition, this Russian Panzer is not muchless manageable than the Hummer H2. Parfenow motto, one of thedesigners, is: "when you're going fast safe". Becausethis car has a top speed of 180 km / h. the T98'Armored wants to be the world's fastest luxury'. I,Personally, I would not move at this speed, despite the deposit140 liters and reliable braking system. Knowing that the KombatIt weighs two large SUVs at a time makes me betweenlittle fear. Always occurs to me that the brakes couldweary...

But driving dynamics is not decisive in war.Instead, the ability to feed itself. Why the T98 exceedsdetieneante obstacle and not anything or anyone.

Materials and finish are very similar to those of HummerH2. Models for Europe, as the copy of the photo,They are manufactured in Tallin, Estonia. The rest doin the main factory located in St. Petersburg. In this lastfactory produced from 2005 versions aimed at Russia andthe rest of the world as well as military models. Apparently,Russia has opted for a 'combined' growth in their industryautomotive and military.

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