Test Tesla Model 3, graduation exam!

We made a short trip from the passenger seat. First impressions of the car that everyone talks about. First round affordable Tesla, Tesla first round in the Model 3!

Exactly 10 hours and 49 minutes before the Tesla Model3 was discovered for the first time, André Mercier was alreadyplanted with a sleeping bag in the pedestrian area of ​​Santa Monica(California), with a face of absolute happiness. He has spentnight in front of the Tesla dealership. Yes, to buy a car,without first making proof, blind faith.

First round the Tesla Model 3! (eleven)

  • First round the Tesla Model 3!

    First round the Tesla Model 3!

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The next morning, was the third in a line of more than 400people. The two that precede camped overnight before him.Mercier, 30, displayed on the screen of your Mobileconfirmation manufacturer of electric cars: they have accepted thepayment of $ 1,000 to book the Tesla Model 3. Son10.04 h in the morning. Other customers waiting inStreet congratulates him with elation. 

Nobody here knows yet what the car will look like, whatYou will be able nor its exact price. No matter: the Tesla Model 3 isCar desired history. At the end of this day, 280,000people around the world had already made their first orderTesla model aimed at the masses, of course, paying thecorresponding signal. 

When that evening, at 20:35, appearedTesla Model 3 on stage, did not disappoint: it is something new,different, modern, attractive, exceptional. 

Even the special envoy AUTO BILD, who was there toreport the event, could not help but join the general euphoria andapplaud all attendees. He was surrounded by an ecstasycollective.

The Tesla Model 3 will be sold at the earliest next yearUnited States, but many customers have which could be amid 2018. This midsize sedan will arrive in Europe this year. ElonMusk, jubilantly announced that the United States will cost 35,000Dollars. In euros, would be about 31,000. But keep in mindwe talk about the basic price. Equipped chock, caneasily approach $ 50,000 (44,000 euros). Will you offerwhat is expected for this price?

In 2020 they expect to produce around 500,000 unitsannually, in California and in China this Model 3,promises a range of 346 kilometers, which makes Teslain absolute reference in electric models.Audiand BMWThey are among those who have made orders. And is that this modelarouses much excitement, even among competition andpremium brands. It is an icon of innovation. 

The Model 3 will also have available the Autopilot systemautonomous driving that we know of Tesla Model S and Model X, although the softwareIt will be an extra. Until the Model 3 hits the market, Teslathere will be experimented with million kilometers modesemiautonomous, so that your Autopilot is even safer andreliable. 

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On the night of the presentation, we could jump on and give us afirst round in Tesla Model 3. The firstdiscovery: our editor measuring 1.92 meters, and squaresrear had plenty of room for legs, thanks to theforward position of the front seats. And regarding theimposing glass ceiling, they had more than enough even a couple of centimeters.The driver presses the accelerator, and the truth is that the thrustit feels is remarkable: by brand, this car accelerates from 0 to 100km / h in less than six seconds and seen the momentum transmitted notit seems far-fetched. The Model 3, in theory, will beat the recorddrag coefficient below 0.20 (the Mercedes E-Class has a Cx of0.23).

Although the key point, of course, be the batteries. Not yetit is decided which capacities and sizes will be offered tocustomers. But what is certain is that production willown. They will be manufactured in the Gigafactory plant, which will begin its2017 activity. 

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Not know for sure if the final appearance of the boxcontrols will be like this preproduction model. For now,we find ahuge 15-inch screen, which displays informationcar and speed. What it does take the modelseries are two bellboys: one in front and one behind. 

But do not forget that car will be a big production, and thatentails some sacrifices. While the bodies of the Model Sand Tesla Model X is aluminum, the TeslaModel 3 will take many steel components. Why have not yetrevealed what the final weight of the car. 

Expectations about the Model 3 among the 600 guests at theout party were very high. Not to forget that it is acompletely new car, so you have to expect that, in thefirst months, they give some calls to shop. With everything,This mid-range model is the graduation exam Tesla. Yeven a car masses, the truth is that among the gueststhis festival is a very elite clientele. How will they reactto potential problems typical of a new product? Or ifgives the case that the network load of 7,200 jobs Superchargerplanned for the end of 2017 no longer free? Anyway,Elon Musk and his company have already started making money with thiscar (only in the first few hours, thanks to the more than 200,000 ordersTesla Model 3, more than 250 million euros pocketed). Nowcome into play in the league of generalist brands, withproblems that entails. And they are already working on futuremodels (see below). 

What is certain is that it is a unique car,You have the possibility of inaugurating a new era in the world ofcar. With the Model X and Model S, Tesla has already demonstratedwhat he is capable. But this next challenge is more difficultstill...

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