Ateca Seat test 150hp 1.4 EcoTSI 4Drive FR

FR and Seat ... but a few centimeters higher than usual

Seething SUV fever still some such vehicles that stand out above the rest. And one of them, the evidence is there (and never better tested other versions) is the Spanish Seat Ateca. And in writing, all thought the launch of a new and spectacular finish as the FR, deserved more than a normal test. But choose the version has not been easy, as this finish came with four engines, two types of traction and two exchange rates.
Among the available engines, two petrol 150 and 190 hp and two diesel power identical.

We opted for the former, being a genuine best seller and one of the best-selling Volkswagen Group in other vehicles in its catalog engines. Then traction. We thought that since this FR finish was going to set up as the highest of the range, we should choose it with all-wheel drive. And finally, change ... the same argument. Let the DSG, this time and because of that four-wheel drive, six-speed (front-wheel drive is seven in this engine). 

Ateca Seat FR dynamic

Apart from improved dynamics, this finish has another very important argument: full, or rather, complete equipment. I take almost the entire text of this test tell all the elements that comes as standard, but can not resist me tell you about the most important. Pay attention: seven airbags, full LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, hill descent control, tires 18", Navigator, assistant involuntary lane departure ...

Regarding its connectivity gadgets incorporates the latest generation infotainment system Easy Connect, with Seat Full Link connection that combines function and protocols MirrorLink Apple and Android Play Car Auto so that the user experience is complete. Ah! and I do not forget: your body is painted in full, ie no black plastic areas as inferior or lateral wheel arches that look the other versions. And that's precisely what I like about her appearance. If you already seemed a distinguished SUV, now it's real.

Ateca Seat FR 150, to try

I climb; I can not wait to try it. Behind the wheel, the feeling of quality and order is very high. Maybe your design is somewhat bland, certainly it seems to me, but there is no doubt that everything is in place functional and practical for the driver. Also, I see red stitching on the steering wheel, several pieces with chrome border, some great seats Alcantara hosting like a glove my serrano body (vaaaale, not as serrano) and a start button whose light pulsates like a heart and I It attracts attention and invites pressed.

Front lever short, sporty -very changes to be automatic (I love) - I also encounter roulette Seat Drive Profile, a known system that adapts the car's reactions to every driving situation, the conditions of terrain or driver's personal preferences. In this model, it has up to six different modes, two more than those without all-wheel drive: Offroad and Snow. 

Ateca Seat FR change

For passengers in the second row, the two outer seats are well contoured and very comfortable, smooth knee or shoulder, but the central plaza is more uncomfortable due in part to the annoying central tunnel (required for 4x4) versions and other more important: that the back seat is not in itself but the wide center armrest that can be used if this square is occupied. 

As for the trunk, all-wheel drive subtracts 25 liters capacity, which does not seem decisive, because it also has a very useful area and an automatic gate that can be opened, also of series- passing the foot below the bumper.

Pulse beats button. Its known mechanical 1.4 TSI 150 hp awakens in a good mood, calm and silent. And despite its small size, it works cheerfully, yes, starting at 2,000 rpm. A joy that contributes much that, despite its infinite equipment does not exceed 1,500 kilos.

Ateca Seat FR front and rear

Add lap rub briskly to 6,000 rpm, that overcome if using sequential manual transmission. I do not short. I put on roulette Sport mode and immediately noticed how the engine changes down -in some conditions to two- and the throttle becomes more responsive and immediate to my demands. For now, I'm quiet, 80km / h and seeing the sixth in its central panel located between the clocks. I want to see how he reacts to a good pisotón. Low ... four gears! in just a second ... and comes forward with force. No wonder that this engine is being sold so much ... And what I see, with this automatic transmission is an ideal combination. 

Quiet: If you are someone who like to drive (an argument I always hear not to acquire an automatic transmission) their cams arranged behind the wheel are the most efficient and quick, and can be most entertaining. 

And cylinder shutdown

In addition, this engine features cylinder shutdown, which means leaving two of them without acting when not needed, such as on a steep descent by releasing the accelerator pedal. And even keeps llaneando if you are very gentle on the right foot. With all this, managed to reduce consumption, another of the great qualities of this small engine, about six liters per 100 km. If you ride at a good pace, you can reach eight, but that does not usually happen. And this, along with a tank with capacity for 55 liters of fuel, will give you a range of around 800-900 km ... can we travel? 

Rear Seat FR Ateca

The passage will be comfortable, although the setting of the dampers pull more firmness. Large broken will be felt on board, but at least, the body will not suffer from excessive swings if the pace quickens and you face turns medium and long haul with good poise and, therefore, with confidence and security a sedan. Although, I must say: this version is 10 mm closer to the ground than the rest of Atecas and that ... it shows. Direction, sometimes suffers from being very crowded, but with two turns of the wheel, I found very agile and direct, especially for a car of this type. 

To check 4Drive-wheel drive is required to get a excursioncita. For starters, the extra cost compared to 4x2 is 2,660 euros (and lose a march DSG), but saw his behavior on asphalt and now on land worth. Of course, consumption also increases in this case and theoretically 0.8 liters per 100 km. 

This drive also incorporates the multilink rear suspension system with stabilizer bar, more effective than the torsional axis of 4x2. And with its 180 mm ground clearance and the Haldex system that adjusts the torque split depending on the needs height, you can overcome more complicated than you think obstacles. I said, you will want to ... but have very strong rivals like the VW Tiguan or Ford Kuga.



The best

Dynamic and improved image versus normal Ateca


AWD remaining 25 liters capacity the trunk

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