Dacia Sandero dCi 90 Laureate: a whole exitazo

Dacia Sandero dCi 90's is still a bestseller in Spain. No doubt, it was a surprise that has left many with their mouths open. But is it a good car?

He Dacia discover dCi 90 It is a success for the allianceNissan-Renault, at least in our country. Therefore, taking advantageDacia has undergone a facelift to its model, Idecided to spend a few days with him and tell you what I found.Do you think it will be an interesting product? I've always been astaunch defender brand vehicles of Romanian origin. MeIt seems to be very honest cars. From the first momentYou know that you buy a cheap, simple and luxury model.There is success. Not those who sell you the bikequalities that have not. I assure you that there are many marketcars of this type. They promise a lot and you get very little.

With the new design, the new Sandero I try has gained a lot in image. NowIt provides a more youthful and sporty look. 15 wheelsinch aluminum cost 326 euros. Does not look aesthetic aselegant like a Jaguar, but it has gained in personality. Therange 2013 debuts a new bumper design with thegrille and optics. Certainly it has improved a lot worse insportsmanship and is not the typical car haters customers moreyoung for being too bland. Personally, the part thatI like is lagging behind. I even see a touch of Mercedes Class A.

Inside the Dacia discover dCi 90 It has been updateda redesigned dashboard that is more pleasing to the eyeand touch. In addition, you can now carry the navigation systemAverage NAV for only 230 euros. It only takes mapping Spain,If you want other European will have to add 102 euros. Yes,You not have to pay anything stereo radio with CDMP3 or USB or Mini Jack connections.

It's time to drive. I tried the version with the90 hp diesel engine. This is the same engine bearingcars like the Renault Clio. Again it has shown me thatIt is a good example of efficiency: I have obtained an average consumption ofonly 4.6 l / 100 km. Yes, there is something far from the 3.8 litersofficial, but is a sensational figure. On the other hand, yourbehavior makes no passions rise, but as costsonly 11,200 euros, you can forgive certain details.

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