Abarth 500C esseesse, a Fiat 500 atomic

If an Abarth 500C is enough to get home with a smile on his face, preparation kit 'esseesse' may come back with totally dislocated face. Undoubtedly, this utility has some innocent and much of sports.

Improving the good, that's what you want to do Abarthwith kit esseesse. I'm honest, engine140 hp is more than enough for such a light and small car (notmeasuring more than 3.6 meters long). But there is always someoneyou want more, the person must be willing tooffer it. There the boys Abarth 500C and Abarth appear with the new option, to make it moreand radical sports car that was already. 

The truth is that this preparation is quite interesting. ThisIt composed of alloy wheels with a 17 inchZR 205/40 (interestingly, the price of 120 euros / unitis quite reasonable) and ventilated front discs and Brembodrilled. The rear are too. In addition, tabletsThey have much bite. I like that Abarth HEHe has worried the brake issue, as important is running asthen he could stop the arrival of the curves. However,rounded up assembly with metal hoses (not usuallyhave problems passing ITV) and a brake fluid highboiling temperature.  

But technical improvements do not end there. One of the mostIt is important Koni FSD dampers. Seven years agoI was testing at the Dutch circuitZandvoort (designed by Hugengolt, the same who made the Jarama andSuzuka) and I liked a lot. They are nothing dry in hardness and havea progressive compression, so you're not leaving the kidneysevery pothole. On the other hand, the springs are alsospecific.

160 hp

The engine is also optimized with an air filtersporty, which helps the four-cylinder turbo breathebest. The most important thing is the new setupswitchboard, which allows maximum power grows to 160Hp at 5,750 rpm (versus 140-5000 normal 500C). Further,the maximum torque rises to 230 Nm at 3,000 rpm providedpulses the 'Sport' button. Result? This car drives with manywin, leaves you glued to the seat and its 160 horses rife mucha toy that only weighs 970 kilograms.

However, he has not fulfilled all my expectations. It's more,I expected a more aggressive and sporty car. For mostusers, its radicality is well above what they look almostall drivers. But if you ask really, I meetvery improvable details. For starters, no stability controlIt is disconnectable. And what is worse, and only intervenes tooYou can disconnect the drive. On the one hand I understand thisdecision, as heavy braking a car just 2.3meters of battle are quite critical: as keep thestraight wheel as a tracer, the rear starts to move asTravolta in Saturday Night Fever. In addition, the touchaddress is not as precise as I would like and the same thingIt happens to the shifter. Yes, the car runs that thestrips, is planted from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds and recoversA lot of energy. A counter, also consumes too much fuel.Declares optimistic about 6,5 l / 100 km but the reality has led meup to 8.1 liters. Perhaps a sixth step speed withdevelopment of about 42 km / h, which allow you to move to 120skimming 2,800 rpm, help lower the 7.5 l / 100 km.

Would I buy a Abarth 500C with the kitesseesse? Nope, it costs a whopping 25,440euros and the regular version and I have enough. EvenI settle the Fiat 500C with 1.4 liter and 100CV, which is phenomenal and involves 18,350 euros.

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