New Toyota 86 Test 2017: the ‘darling’ is renewed

First test of the new Toyota GT86 2017, which presents an aesthetic both within and outside update adds increased rigidity and suspension changes, as well as electronic novelties. AUTOBILD.ES has taken all the juice on cold roads of Lapland (Finland).

Here you have the first test the new Toyota GT86 2017. From the firstGT86 They have been sold since it was launched in 2012 a total170,000 units, of which 10% corresponds to Europe. Althoughin the Japanese they were very proud of the performanceachieved, it was time to receive an update,that, all told, has sat well.

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Anyway, the image of the new Toyota GT86 does not suppose 2017a radical "mature change from the original, but in itsstyle "in the words of those responsible own giantJapanese. And it is that although the GT86 is really a niche modeltaking into account sales volumes of their brethren in range, sotruth is that the Japanese coupe Toyota has put his all mimeand dedication. Not surprisingly, the GT86 is the model thatToyota wants to show that also knows how to buildfunny cars, a strategy marked by the presidentToyota, Akio Toyoda, who said in this regard that "ifnot enjoy driving, not a car. " Moreover, theToyota responsible for say that much of what they learned anddeveloped in the new GT86 has been applied to recentreleases the Japanese, as the new Prius or brand C-HR. In this video canknow the main changes that you have received the new ToyotaGT86 2017. Give the play!

Externally, the cosmetic changes can be found inthe front, with a grill morewide, recessed, and some new headlights with bi-LED lamps andnow integrated turn signals. Behind the GT86 also changes,because now more sports, they are contributing to groupsoptical later, and the new wing. Another changehighlighted are outside the new wheels 17 '' 10radios.

Inside the new GT86 2017It emphasizes the driving position, especially the steering wheel with adiameter 3 mm smaller and the logo 86 now in silver incenter thereof, and knobs to control the new screenmultimedia 4.2 ''. It also highlights the new instrumentationincorporates subscreens, so that besides temperatureoil, you can consult the G forces, power and torque curves,and even stopwatch to measure lap times. 

New GT86 2017: stiffer body

It should be noted that the new Toyota GT86 2017 receivedaerodynamic improvements, as well as in bodyworkincrease its rigidity, as a mounting bracket for thickerturrets front suspension, a stronger reinforcementCross transmission component and additional reinforcementsSteps front and rear wheel. 

As for the mechanics of the GT86 2017, it does not change: stillBeing the 2.0 liter Subaru BOXER origin, of fourcylinders 200 CV, associated with a manual or 6-speedautomatic covering 0-100 km / h in 8.2 seconds (7.6 secondswith automatic transmission). What is new are the improvementsintroduced in the stability control VSC, introducing theTrack new mode (circuit). This new mode is the result of theexperience and data obtained during participation inNürburgring 24 Hours Certamen wherein the GT86 provedwinner of his class in 2014, for which adjustments have been madefines in the various electronic systems including ABS andtraction control. Here, Track mode (circuit mode),which is activated by a button located under the leverchange, adjust the VSC (electronic stability control) isnamely the intervention various electronic systems'Removed' partially, so that the driver can applytheir own driving skills, but with the 'peace' ofcontinue with the help of this guardian angel. InHowever, if you want to enjoy pure driving withoutaids of any kind, simply press another button that turns offall controls ... and to have fun.

Driving the new Toyota GT86 2017


W hat do you prefer ?, torque or speed? In replyIt is the key if you will interest a car like this ToyotaGT86 or not. Nippon has tiptoed past aupdate, however, left unchanged (and that's agood news) sports purist character. In otherform: remains true to the ingredients that surprisedall in 2012 and has matured in just a few aspectsaesthetic and other equipment. Does your essence? Aim engineatmospheric bóxer 200 hp, located on the front axle,RWD with a mechanical self-locking cash directiondirect and fast and a manual short distances and accurate(There is also an automatic gearbox six relations that notI recommend at all).   

With such site, and if you're still reading this, it is thatyou will march you and what you like is to drive. You'recongratulations, because that Toyota knows this and pretty. I I embedin their seats and I have only good words his stancedriving, leaving you close to the ground. The steering wheel is small,It is very upright and just the right distance. Everything is at hand andonly fault I have while I try to get him out of the garage is therear visibility. But hey, it's a sport and continues tobe a typical handicap of such bodies. The soundreaches my ears it is far from become passionate. The two huge
tubarros exhaust that looks the back of this GT86 seemedannounce a much more powerful symphony, but there is nothingthat. 

I get up. Suspensions are hard, but Iseems to make kilometers with this chassis it is not going to be atorture. Alfa 4C or Lotus Elise models playing in thesame league, yes they put in trouble the comfort of your back. InHowever, this Japanese much more relaxed wheel. And that Toyota haspresented a rigid body, with additional reinforcements inTurrets front suspension, transmission and thewheel arches. The work has been done thoroughly, because it hasreduced weight putting it at 1,300 kilos.

Choose a horizon full of curves and prepare myself to see if200 hp from its boxer engine capable of letting me go onbig. Track active mode next to the shifter(Relaxes electronic aids) and floor thoroughly. successfulStepping gearbox allows the engine up wellof turns in short relationships (the sixth, for example, ismuch longer). But do not be hoaxes. this blocklike turning atmospheric high laps to give the best ofitself. In fact, the modest maximum torque (205 Nm) gets itfrom a regime of 6,400 rpm, while the200 hp is fixed at 7,000. With this data, youYou can make the idea where the good part of this fourcylinder boxer. Obviously, such a spin rate of consumptionshooting, but the fun is multiplied by four, above all,because the rear has a genetic tendency to move and that youYou will do some work behind the wheel. And this is GT86undriftero unconditional. In addition, the tires also favorthis response. And the best part is that frightened the rear axleThey can be controlled in a simple way with the steering wheel and withoutYou have to have the hands of Ken Block (Track mode will alwaysfunction as a guardian angel, watching for yourexcesses come to nothing). 

Under the pace. After three quarters of deposit ventilarmeI think that's enough for today. This sporty little hassomething that I love. There are more sophisticated rivals (220i BMWCoupe), more powerful (Nissan 370Z) or purists (a LotusElise), but this little Japanese may be a combinationIdeal for fun, balanced car with a price that is notexcessive. It is true that low-end does not have the spark that oneYou can expect a light car 200 hp (a small turbosolve this handicap), but when you pass the 5,000 lapsbecomes a machine to provoke smiles and raise theadrenalin.. 

Anyway, the new Toyota GT86 -from already allowedorders and whose price of 32,990 euros; 34,990 eurosautomatic- change is a good fun toy that brings out the childall of us. If you are thinking of buying a carAgain, take a look at our cars recommenderquickly discover what car to buy.

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