Karl Opel test: more than 10,000 euros seems

10,000 euros &# 039; pelaos&# 039; Opel Karl have available, the cheapest model Brand lightning. This is proof of your engine (only) 1.0 75 hp, pushing it right and it sounds less than usual in the category. And, in general, the Opel car Karl is more than it seems.

Opel will have been taken taste to that of baptizingtheir new models with historical brand names. First wasAdam Opel and now comes the Opel Karlthis test. With 3.6 meters long, it becomes theaccess model to the range of the mark of the beam and extends to three(Next to the new Opel Corsa 2015) his bid forcity. The question is: What makes this car based on theChevrolet Spark and manufactured in Korea genuineOpel? "It is developed by engineers and designers of the brand"says Neumann, president of the brand. Inside, fromthen, he has family resemblance. In Opel are especiallyproud of its touch screen, which thanks to its powerfulprocessor must always run very smoothly andstability.

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Home Test Opel Karlsitting in front of a steering wheel rim and a touch wider thanhabitual. It is not regulated in depth, although the picture stands outthe willingness of all information. I liked leasthard plastics used, especially bordering the systemair conditioning. That is, the driving position hasfrills, but clearly visible instrumentation and plasticsimple with good adjustments. There is plenty of room in front, behindtwo adults traveling always comfortable journeys that are not verylong. It can not be said of luggage trunk cubes206 liters.

Test Opel Karl depth (by VicenteSpout)

Opel Corsa has been renewed recently. Perhaps there comes theexaggerated keeping him like his little brother, Karl,You can check it out in the gallery below. But it's not whyits sales in Spain have not yet fully launched (240units through October), but by a supply problemunits since its Korean factory, they tell me from Opel, the brand hopesbe solved at the beginning of 2016.
Overall, Opel has done its homework pretty well with Karl,except for the missed opportunity to pose a bolder designfor a car that, in my opinion, needs to be distinguished fromits rivals. He Karl is a microutilitario with an engine 1.0three cylinders, yes, but for my taste leads the besttricilíndrico market with permission from BMW and also has amore than acceptable carrier with high visibility in allplazas. The interior is surprisingly comfortable, especially in frontwhere two adults can travel at ease, although the seatsrear are for short journeys and not fold down to makeflat bottom. 

Opel Corsa 2014 (5)

  • Opel Corsa 2014 front

    The 2014 Opel Corsa hit the Spanish dealers in January. Orders can be made from mid-October.

  • Opel Corsa 2014 five rear doors

    The new Opel Corsa will be available as a three and five doors.

  • Opel Corsa 2014 generations

    The first Opel Corse was launched in 1982 and has already sold 12.4 million units.

  • Opel Corsa 2014 Interior

    Opel wants its new model offers an interior with greater comfort.

  • Opel Corsa 1.0 liters engine 2014

    The new three-cylinder engine and 1.0 liters 115PS is a technological jewel.

Karl Opel unit I tested this version equippedblock yielding 75 hp, for now only available in a rangeexigua: a single engine, a unique finish. In any case, it is notwho has missed more power in a car that weighs less than1000 kg. Fifth it reaches 100 km / h rotating at 3,000 rpm andIt reaches 120 km / h to 3,500 laps. Everything with great softnessbecause if you want something like a hoarse sound is strain intothe cabin, you have to bring the needle above 4,000rpm. Although not much miss the sixth, yeah it could useto save the time to hit highway.

Granted it's not a V8, but after a period of adaptation,This can sound like. And it is that, in general, aftertry the Opel Karl I can say it's going very well: it has afairly accurate address, which has a mode City youallows effortless maneuvering when parking. Besides, therear suspension torsion shaft is mounted in front of thewheels, allowing the car tends to stick a little closer toground that some of its smaller rivals. This alsoIt allows you hauls road with the Karl Opel with acomfort level clearly above the averagesegment.

Surprised how well it is able to move 950 kg of Karl thesmall three cylinders. It is true that the access model rangeOpel I could weigh a little less, but the mark it makes upvery efficient brakes and 16-inch wheels that improvedynamic. In addition, this car comes petado technology: headlampscornering lights, warning of involuntary change lanes, assistantstart ramps, six speakers in the cabin etc. Hecommand post has the optimum ergonomics of all modelsOpel, and a steering wheel with a little small to handle the controlsphone, cruise control ... but do not expect to find anotherplastic thing on the dashboard, something rough, but nice toresistant touch-looking, yes.

The rear seats fold down 60:40, but not to docompletely flat bottom, although this bench is standard, theLike the six airbags. In any case, without them you have 1,013 liters ofand with them the capacity 215 liters which fits perfectlythe weekly shopping or luggage for a weekend. On the other hand,the rear seats are not very uncomfortable if appropriateThey have to travel there one or two occupants. Access to the interior isappropriate, and in the second row find serial two anchorsIosfix. At the moment, in Spain alone will sell the Opel Karl withSelective finished five-door version 1.0 75 hp engine. That if,You can choose from 10 different body colors. Its priceis 10,910 euros.

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