Test: Opel Mokka X 2016, the most connected of all

In this first test of the Opel Mokka X 2016 we have seen that not only has updated its aesthetics, but postulated as the model with better connectivity in its class and a system of 4x4 that gives you versatility and a world of possibilities out asphalt. It is available from 21,837 euros.

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Mokka X, noveltyhe

Geneva Motor Show

we provide Test the Opel Mokka X 2016 for the first time. Hegoal is to discover how it has changed and see if it has been able to geta day to fight on equal terms with rivalas the Renault Captur, Mitsubishi ASX, Juke or CX-3.Although its length (4275 mm) halfway placed betweenthese urban todocamono and compact (Kadjar Renault, NissanQashqai or CX-5).

Beginning with the obvious, the name. Yes, because it'sfirst change. Until now it was Mokka to dry, but since thisgeneration 2016 renamed Opel Mokka X. Withthis letter from this moment will call allSUV and crossover models new brand of lightning.

You can see a video of the first mpresionesdriving Opel Mokka X:

The next thing that has changed is the design. The appearance hascompletely changed, but the truth is that I still findalmost the same. That certainly is not a point in his favor. althoughIt is true that new headlights with LED technology willThey provide a more current air and now has a betterAerodynamics: its Cx is 0.35, which translates into greaterefficiency, as you will see later.

Inside the aesthetic revolution it is evident andthanks above all that were concerned about eliminating buffetFull previously available buttons on the center console.Now the interior is inspired by its compact brotherOpel Astra, is more intuitive andIt has more horizontal and clean lines. In addition, mountsthe same multimedia system IntelliLink, with a screeneight inches that offers full connectivity with your mobile phone,because it has carplay Apple and Android Auto. 

This coupled system OnStar, It is what allowsresponsible for Opel say that no other SUV segment Bbetter connectivity. Surely it is the best in thissection, but if you let me put me pedantic, letopine that if the idea is to convey modernity and technologylast generation, maybe they should have opted for a boxminimally digitized controls, as you can find,example, in the Renault Captur, not the classic arrangementanalog. As for security, they stand out above alloptions the Opel Eye system and adaptive headlightsAFL LED, which automatically regulate long and short lights andcornering light feature.

Opel Mokka mechanics X 2016

The engines available for the New Opel Mokka XThey offer outputs ranging from 110 hp to 152.Specifically catalog models has two blocks diesel1.6 liters with 110 hp and 136 CV, whose fuel consumption isfrom 3.9 to 5.0 l / 100 km; CO2 emissions of 103-132 g / km.

It also has a turbocharged 1.4-liter gasoline140 hp, which declared average consumption is 6.2 l / 100 km. This inAt launch, because below the range will beincreased with 1.4 ECOTEC Turbo Direct Injection 152CV automatic six-speed transmission and the drivefour wheels (combined consumption 6.4 l / 100 km and emissions of 148g / km.

I have had the opportunity to test the engine that surelywill represent the core of sales of Opel Mokka X, ie 1.6CDTi 136 hp, an engine not shown is loud andpushes progressively, although I was surprised that the areaLow of cuentavueltas shown lazier than usuallyusual in a turbodiesel engine. In fact, its 320 Nm of deliverytorque at 2,000 rpm.

If at this point you're probably wondering how it behaves thenew Mokka, let me tell you that there are no differences regarding theprevious model, as confirmed me in charge of developmentbrand chassis Rüsselsheim. Well, no differences in theirresponse, although they have adapted themselves suspension and drive systemto structural changes in this new version does not varythe dynamism of the car.

Mokka dynamic behavior of X

The unit tests I conducted was equipped with4x4 system, which operates by means of a clutchElectronic multidisc, which can distribute imperceptiblypower between the front and rear axles of 100: 0 to 50:50.During the day-to-day functions as an economy car drivefront and if loss of traction is detected the rear axleIt starts working automatically. I could drive forshort stretch of road with low complication and dry ground asby which I traveled out more trust youtransmits to roll this land without fear of touching. alreadyroad 4x4 would say that is a plus in terms ofimproving safety and dynamism. If you enjoy an areacurves or winter on slippery roads to travel deeperor go skiing on snow routes make no doubt thisvariant should be your first choice.

The Opel Mokka X is already available from 21,837 euros,but if you are you welcome to the campaign and the rest of lanzamientyopromotional discounts, you can get it for 17,753 euros.

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