Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: What we test

The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is the fifth model in the compact segment featuring the Stuttgart manufacturer. It is a family derived from normal CLA and impresses with its dynamic aesthetics does not renounce practicality, with more space in the back row and a load capacity of up to 1,354 liters.

He Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is the versionfamily body Mercedes CLA coupe, with which it sharesdimensions (except height, the shooting brake is only threehigher) mm. But I will not extend to explain theirfeatures, because you count at the time ofLaunch (Presentationand prices for Spain Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake), only meI would like to emphasize that this is one of the modelsAerodynamic market with a Cx of 0.26. However, hereYou can see a video that explains its design:

It can be said that the CLA Shooting Brake It is a car thatIt does not have a direct rival, since there is no BMW 1 SeriesTouring an Audi A3 or Avant. That leads us to place it along with theBMW 3 Series Touring andAudi A4 Avant, despitewhich is the upper segment models that overcome himAvailable space. 

It is a car that stands out especially for its design. I'm not going toI comment if I like it or not (although I do not mind 'getting wet':I find it very nice), because the important thing here is that forit is a body 'shooting brake', conveys asense of sportsmanship, which is possible thanks to its linedescending ceiling, which gives some effect coupe andthe windows withoutframework.

Obviously, being based on the CLA Coupé, mostelements are equal. The difference is inside,specifically in the second row of seats, which enjoys greaterspace, especially especially appreciated the available heightfor the head.

The trunk is obviously one of the big winners,since the available volume of 495 liters with the seats innormal position, becomes 1,354 liters when the abatesbackrests. Furthermore, the bottom of it is totallyflat.

But practical considerations aside, what matters in atest is tell you how it behaves.

Motors Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

I could drive three of the five engines there tosale:

He CLA 220 CDI Shooting Brake is the first in which II uploaded. It is a four-cylinder turbo177 hp was surprised by its low noise level.Really, except torn or when the right pedal to sinkbackground, gives the feeling of being a diesel. His answer is veryRound and progressive, but does not transmit great sense of powercosts and gain speed. Something I've noticed especially inthe highway around Frankfurt, where I wanted to give reinloose my desire to move above 200 km / h and Ienjoyed all the verve expected. Evidently in Spain thisthere would be no problems because transit at that rate isunthinkable ... However, we appreciate that laziness in perspectivemeasure.

Then I drove the Mercedes CLA 250 Sportshooting Brake 4Matic wheel drive in a sectiondifferent sections including mountain, plus the everGerman Autobahn fun. I certainly think it's the modelideal if practiced well design and are looking for sensations. its enginefour-cylinder turbo delivery 211-5500 rpm, but the key isoffering the same torque as the most powerful diesel version,ie 350 Nm. That explains so round that has a response. IsElastic if you demand it and demonstrates great energy fromonly 1,200 laps, which is the figure that delivers 350 Nm of thosepair (even below the 220 CDI, need turn 1.400rpm).

Besides its mechanics, it is noteworthy that this variantSport stands out for its specific sportier design, as well ashave a sporty engine setting, the accelerator pedal andchange and an increased sound mechanics.

I also have led the top-end model, theMercedes CLA 45 AMG 4MATIC Shooting Brake, a model thatlike the rest of AMG versions derived from Class A, mountsfour engine cylinders strongest market, a block 2, orliter with 360 horsepower and sound, although it has beenslightly softened compared to Class A 45 AMG, makes the hairedge both on startup and during jumps gear with apetardeo that invites you to step on helplessly. What logicAMG variant has a family, even having cutdynamic as the CLA Shooting Brake? Ess is a question raisedfrom reason, because previous and present examples there are and,certain is that they have their market, sales are testimonial, butthey are there…

In addition to these models that I could try, alsoThey offer: gasoline CLA 180 CLA 122 hp and 156 hp 200(Probably the full range compensated for your reply,and power consumption); and the CLA 200 CDI diesel 136 hp, whoseRenault engine is source. 

180, 200 and 200 CDI have manual sixspeeds and the rest of the range change has double7G-DCT clutch, a transmission that have already tested previouslyand whose operation is really good, as it allows youchoose between three driving modes and normal, Eco and Sport and welladjust changes depending on what you prefer in eachmoment.

If you want to know the Mercedes rangeCLA Shooting Brake in depth, as well as equipmentfor this model, you need to be sure and visitour cars section tabs.

Behavior Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

If you've ever driven a Mercedes from past generationscertainly you believe that this CLA Shooting Brake is a boat thoughtto navigate safely loaded and calm waters, it issay, offering space, comfort motorway and little more. ButI assure you are very wrong. Mercedes has turned alltheir models and change is especially pronounced in its classcompact segment that owns this CLA. Of course, no leaveswith the comfort, but it is a very well-tuned car with amoron firm suspension, which transmits confidence in the curves andprecise direction you touch helps guide the car rightwhere you want. That is something that is noticeable from the firstkilometers you do behind the wheel and enjoy its positionDriving lowered, which makes you feel you're driving atrue sports. Sensation that helps, of course,Typical line narrow windows of CLA range. Something that isvery elegant and it is certainly attractive, but has adrawback I can not comment: visibility isclearly committed, especialmete the back, due to apillars too wide.

Focus Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

I think the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is a car that offersand a style different from a conventional familiar approach. That,Kingdom that has no direct rivals, makes positionsas a perfect alternative for those seeking a practical carand comprehensive for the day, with careful design, but with adynamism and different aura of distinction. That's his biggest asset. Do notHowever, I think in Spain it will be difficult, because hereMost drivers still can not find the appeal andpracticality of such vehicles known to many as'Ranchera'. Precisely because it seems that we are not able toescape from that concept so old that does not respond at alla model like the CLA Shooting Brake.

In our insurance comparator havecalculated what it would cost to secure a Mercedes CLA Shooting 180Brake. To calculate the price, we take as a referenceman 30 years old with 10 ID and without sinister,living in Madrid, he used the car every day, parked in a garagecollective and runs up to 20,000 kilometers per year. With thesedata, the insurance more affordableVerti offers it for 481 euros.

This cost could be lower if you opt for a blanket insurance policyduty. In this case, the cheapest would also ofGenesis. It costs 273 eurosexcess of 300 euros.

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