We have already been able to thoroughly test the third generation of the Audi TT, the Audi TT 2015, and have not been disappointed. Its price? From 40,890 euros. Squeeze the 2.0 TFSI, a four-cylinder turbo walking a lot and spend ... a lot.

A Closer Look aggressive, sharper lines and muchmuscle. He Audi TT 2015 faces his thirdgeneration with great respect to his predecessors, but livelywith new technology, more powerful engines and chassisthe brand of hoops just can speak wonders. It began asa sketch, put long at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 and now,after many preparations, Audi usHe has left thoroughly test.

¿impressions? First things first. The first thing theattention when you sit in your new sports seats(Weigh five kilos less than the previous ones) it is that there is noMMI central display governing the dashboard. It has disappeared.The only screen that you'll encounter in the Audi TT 2015It is the one in the instrumentation. They call it 'Virtualcockpit', has 12.3 inches and lets you choose fromtwo viewsOne with the speedometer and tachometer inforeground and another where the navigation information cobracenter stage. At 2015 Audi TTS it also offersa specific view with the tachometer in the center andlarge (incidentally, the most radical version, the Audi TT RS is already being tested inNürburgring)

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But the details in this TT 2015 They do not stay there. TheAir outlets air conditioning They remain Round(A successful classical wink, like the lid of deposit), but addeda point of sophistication by incorporating the controls on ownaerators. But if technology is concerned, Audi has not leftin the inkwell typical elements incorporated into its range morehigh: the Audi Side Assist, Active Lane Assist Audi or therecognition system traffic signals are justSome examples of what is able to offer this 2 + 2 4,18meters in length. It should be added wizardParking indicating the environment, access to the Internet,Full LED headlights or Bang & Olufsen Sound System handlessoundtrack inside with twelve speakers.

Thorough test of the 2015 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI

I acknowledge that the Audi TT is a special car, at least for me.Design first TT, back in 1998 I loved it soAudi risked. Now I have at hand the third generationand to deny it, it is nice but without the charm of the first.Yes, inside it is much more ergonomic and, above all, lessclaustrophobic. Now there is more light in the cockpit and controlsAre the controls? Where are the controls? Because this new AudiTT dispenses with the usual controls almost types. In itsInstead, a huge digital screen that was presented at CES 2014 and more togetherminimalist impossible. Of course, after a few minutes, you get usedeach and both touch and functionality arefirst. 

Start playing by pressing a button your gasoline more optionbalanced, stars in this test.

Is the block 2.0 TFSI, a four-cylinder turbonow delivers 230 horsepower and is noted for its softness.When booting up reminds me of the Audi A3 e-tron for his silence. Then,tread depth and push hard, but without much noise. That isthanks. For this first part of the tour, I put the drivemode select comfort and change s tronic mode D.Result, more comfortable setting ... or not. because evenwith these settings, this TT is dry suspension. Leave thecity, I take the motorway and I get bored in the left lane by notharness the power of the engine, as barely 3,000 laps120 km / h. It's time to move on to sport mode, take a detour and lookthe curves. There, I find the most direct way Idriven in a sporty street, while in the firstThere forks nop be careful to pass. Then it is a joy,you just touch the direction, and tread Audi TT 2015 it grabslike glue, while the brakes not give fatigue sample.Either you get tired of leading sports, althoughthen spending will skyrocket near the 10 l / 100 km. That'sDifficult to improve before the demand to which I submit to your engine.However, other details if they could be polished, such as suspensionStart-Stop dry and somewhat abrupt.

At next video you cansee results Euro NCAP crash test to thewhich has been subjected Audi TT:

Inour comparatorWe have insurancecalculated what it would cost to ensure an Audi TT 2.0 TFSI. Forcalculate the price, we take as reference a man of 40,10 old ID and without sinister, who lives in Madrid,use the car every day, parked in a collective garage and walkup to 20,000 kilometers per year. With these data, comprehensive insurancequality-price risk for its more advisable itIt offers Balumba,for 1,007 euros.
This cost could beless if you opt for a blanket insurance policy with franchise.In this case, the cheapest would be to QualitasCar.It costs 445 euros to 290 euros franchise.

I leave you with a video recorded by our German colleaguesperfectly describe the new TT:

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