Test Vespa Primavera 125: unique charm to the city

We got on the Vespa Primavera 125, specifically the 70th anniversary release in this test to analyze if its unique charm is valid enough to ask yourself to be your traveling companion in your day to day.

Knows all the Vespa scooter and pricesupdated to Spain

We have made proof the Vespa Primavera 125 forunderstand their unique charm to the city, and analyzingthe changes introduced its renewed engine to adhere to theEuro4 standard guidelines for motorcycles. All in atour in which we have included all the land on whichYou can use a scooter as spring 125. And if that's notoff, our fellow Vespa left us a versioneven more special, the 125 Spring 70th Anniversary, oras he likes to tell the Azzurri, Settantesimo.

Spring is the most economical model in the range Vespa bothin their Versions 50 and 125cc. In the case of the fourthliter, the price is 4,059 euros, whereas ifyou decide to bet on the 70th Anniversary version, the cost risesuntil the 4,399 euros. Above it, though not at the levelperformance, stands on the one hand Vespa Sprint and theGTS. They all share the same engine andsame chassis, while the most significant changes are inexterior body or seat design, etc.elements.

VIDEO: We tested the TomTom saw the Vespa Primavera 125 70Anniversary

We moved

Before inserting the key and start accumulating kilometersmy Vespa Primavera 125, the first thing that catches your eyeis its design. "It is a Vespa, but catches your attention for itsdesign, go bad" You are right, but that does not mean that you usea few minutes to appreciate the delicate work done onits structure and being such a utilitarian vehicle likea scooter whose main task is move from point A topoint B. Since you make an investment acquiring a Vespa, theThe hope is to find a scooter that looks wherever heHe goes, and that's the feeling that transmits from 1 minute.

After completing the first few meters with it and do a coupleof flashing from light exits, it is clear to me that thenew engine Vespa works just as or even better than theabove, which you can not be said of all scooter that haveI had to make the tedious and complicated transition to the Euro 4.Scooter, or rather the Piaggio group, He puts the batteries fasterdealers to put new models incorporatingthis new 'redesign' engine. In this case I have to say herethe saying "The early bird God helps you" is very well satisfied.

Vespa Primavera 125 2017 Photos (7)

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    We tested the Vespa Primavera 125 70th Anniversary version. Photo: Piaggio Group

  • Test-Vespa-Spring-125-2

    It is a scooter with a level of fantastic finishes and some pretty decent performance.

  • Test-Vespa-Spring-125-3

    As good Vespa, looking conquistarte 125 Spring with its retro look and refined.

  • Test-Vespa-Spring-125-4

    Its functionality also highlights, enough to store a helmet under his seat space.

  • Test-Vespa-Spring-125-5

    Its price is 4,059 euros, while the 70th anniversary version costs 4,399 euros.

  • Test-Vespa-Spring-125-6

    You may include optional accessories such as the top-case or a luggage rack at the front.

  • Test-Vespa-Spring-125-7

    70th Anniversary version brings details that commemorate the history of the Italian brand.

Your answer is instant and very energetic from theprinciple, something that also helps its light chassis and thereduced overall weight of the whole. This also facilitatesmuch maneuverability when dodging cars or move withlooseness between traffic early in the morning. Soundpropeller is substantially identical to the above with a toneperhaps more bronco that still find pleasing to the ear.

I enter highway with the preconceived idea that ifI have luck get to the 100 km / h And I stumbled uponThe surprise. That limit is easily manageable and can evenovercome being a user of average height like me (do not get to 1.80)and unaccompanied. If you add to this that the gap ispro, it is quite simple you reach the border120. If wearing a companion, the speed decreasesconsiderably and it will be difficult to pass 92-93 km / h instraight line. However, these cruises are not for Vespa125 Spring.

With regard to brakes and behaviorsuspension, It notes that Vespa is always looking for somebalance in what refers to dynamic behavior. So muchfront and rear hydraulic monoamortiguadores are sufficientalthough they are somewhat fair when making changesdirection faster than normal. The front discbrake behaves outstandingly while the brakedrum is sufficient for short journeys and around thecity. To stop the bike at high speed is better to resortalways the front brake. On the other hand, ABS it worksfreckle well but be somewhat intrusive and also emits a sound somethingunpleasant when it comes into operation.

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Functionally very well resolved

Under the seat there are 125 Primavera enough spaceto house a helmet and some extra items likefor example folders or small backpacks thanks to its remarkablespace. To save your wallet or house keys are also provideda compartment at the front with sufficient capacity. Heseat is really comfortable for both the driver and hiscompanion, who can easily grasp.

Our test unit incorporating also arear rack can support up to four kilos ofweight and also does the job with solvency. as elementsOptional you can add a screen to protect us fromwind and other luggage at the front ortop case.


The public demanded scooters as Vespa Primavera125 do not mind paying the "extra" that supposed be aItalian saddle instead of a high-wheel scooter performanceSimilar and which is price is quite cheaper. Scooter sellsgood behavior for city driving and perform someSporadic exit the suburbs, but what really sells isbrand and attraction. That's why Vespa isknown in the world of two wheels and that DNA is maintainedwithout any variation in 125 70th Anniversary Spring weHe has been tested. To all this is added to a revised enginemy taste it works better and is more efficient. With consumptionwe do us during the week that we had, we camea range of around 290km, a good recordconsidering that 80% of the route is performed also oncity, traffic jams and without passing through 60 km / h.

Thebest: Engine, design, personality and consumption

Worst:ABS somewhat intrusive, rear brake and price

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