Nissan Juke Nismo RS test: it is not the ‘NISMO’

You are looking for a 'crossover' sports? Well this is the test of Nissan Juke Nismo RS, the top version. Although increases its power to 214 hp, his playful spirit remains.

If you're looking for a gift original, funny Reyes and make youfeel different, here's the proof Nissan Juke NismoRS, a good choice.
These two letters are an excuse to increase the power ofsmall 1.6 turbo engine to 214 hp (218 in versionmanual) change and put on sale with a special editioncommemorate the 30th anniversary ofNismo, the sports division of the Japanese.
Distinguish it from its namesake is not easy. Just add logosRS on the front and rear, plus interior withvisor instrumentation upholstered in Alcantara and leverautomatic transmission, along with the cams has been constructed typecarbon.

Nissan-Juke-Nismo-RS-dashboard-in-lowWhen entering the passenger compartment, theFirst thing you'll notice are impressive front seats.They collect the body as any of the best sports ofmarket, but the large side fasteners are driven tooin the legs when entering or leaving.

Its chassis ... the best

In any sport that boasts, the chassis is one of themore important to move apace elements. And in theNissan Juke Nismo RS shines high. For starters, stiffnessTorsional is increased and the suspension has newsettings. Everything to make cornering more effective. And theis. While you ride irregularities, not excessivelyhard for the passage and teeters are minimal. To this helps yourprecise steering, smooth to be in this version, but veryquickly and accurately. And to crown his grip on the asphalt, the systemAWD sensitive pair All Mode 4x4-i limitedloss of traction and increases confidence, especially whenadherence is not ideal.


Under the hood of this Nissanthe same engine is turbocharged version 1.6 withoutRS acronym, but boosted with 14 hp more than obviously arevery difficult to detect. This four-cylinder is very niceto use because it works very well at low turns, risesrevolutions quite joy (especially from 4000rpm) and stretches as if there was no end to just over 6,000rpm. It is also true that has three driving modes and thesefeelings are minimized in Eco mode in favor of a minorconsumption.
What I did not like so much the auto switchXtronic. It is a continuous variable, but have targeted eightrelationships that can be handled with paddles behind the steering wheel.Being a sport, you should keep the sequential mode, andpassing the automatic mode too quickly and if you are betweencurves, will complicate.


Nissan Juke Nismo with a twist RS more you give to theJuke sportiness of the range. Degree increases its dynamism, whichIt makes another against a mountain road is a taskfun. But do not forget that its center of gravity is higherthat a compact and its limit is therefore lower.The engine performs well, although no accompanying automatic transmission.Also, if you opt for the manual transmission you save more than 3,000euros. However, they also have to do without tractionintegral.

In our insurance comparator havecalculated what it would cost Nissan Juke Nismo ensure 1.6DIG-Turbo 200 hp (there is still no data for the Nismo RS). Forcalculate the price, we take as reference a man of 40,with more than 10 years old ID and without sinister, thatlives in Madrid, used the car every day, parked in a garagecollective and runs up to 20 000 km per year. With thesedata, the most affordable insurance to all risk Balumba is offered for 432 euros.
This cost could be lower if you opt for a policy to allwith excess. The cheapest is also theBulk. It costs 243 euros to 290 euros franchise.

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