Lexus CT 200h test LUXURY

The Toyota hybrid technique lies in the elegant packaging of Lexus. A curious contrast to star in the test of the 100,000 kilometers of Lexus CT 200h

Toyota Prius has popularized the technologyhybrid, which today is no longer seen as an oddity, but as amechanical option more (and widespread). Toyota's model is aselling worldwide, also in our country (whereThey sold 6,700 units and Toyota Prius hybrid between Auris), and is one of thepreferred by taxi drivers for economical and reliable. In the test100,000 of we gave the maximum score, andHe left no doubt about the robustness of mechanics. Therefore, it isnormal for the brand in their day wonder: what if we launched aPrius able to compete with the AudiA3? The result was the Lexus CT 200h.

This Lexus takes the same mechanical technologymade of two engines, only now it is acompact premium and in the case of our unit with paintOlympic Gold Metallic 900 euros extra. A Prius inFinally, a gold plating for more than 36,000 euros. Asaver quite expensive. Since the first kilometers, thisLexus is a real generator divided. "Adriving funnier than the Prius, an interiorsport that combines entertainment technology with aErgonomics relaxing for the day ", said one of oureditors. Another, however, initially praised stiffnessits chassis, but after a few days it was criticized"Too noisy and uncomfortable". Also postdriving has generated comments ranging from "excellent" to"Confusing" and the use of "functional" to "catastrophic".

Reviews as you faced only be one conclusion: hereThey are facing opponents and supporters of the solutionhybrid. Or put another way: this Lexus managed to win manymore ... followers and some supporters of the leagueantihíbrida. Therefore, it is best to stick to the factsobjectives: it is indisputable that the Lexus CT 200h best mountscoatings and steering wheel posture more comfortable than thePrius, which has a more dynamic roll. While Toyota at 120 km / h is beginning to acknowledge fatigue,Lexus begins to find his nerve at 140 km / h. This tooIt implies an increase in consumption of gasoline, of course. It is alsomanagement indisputable that CT is more complex, and visibilitywrap (for their small windows) lower. At least the cameraa wide rear projected image to help the park.

Better cornering than travel long

They have generated negative head movements hislight switch unlit, handling radio-basedof "mouse click" or the multimedia system. It allows you to connect tomobile, but the connection data are erased every few minutes toturn it off, which especially angered another one of oureditors, who pointed a "do better in Toyota?". WithOver the kilometers, more and more complaints about aboundedsome materials. One even compared them textually, with theinside a bus line, although others were morelevel diplomats plastics "for Toyota well,for improved Lexus ". And the truth is that its high pricejustifies these criticisms. Did he really need customersLexus usual (mature, high class) a compact premium? Thelow sales model give the answer: in Spain they were sold795 units in 2013.

As a vehicle to travel, meet to dry by smalltrunk (375 liters) And its small tank (45 liters). Yand dynamic car, does not satisfy the expectations of thoseThey are looking for a car with sporting overtones. It conveys little direction,the front axle is somewhat disruptive, changing stepless... It really is slipping under the body of this LexusIt is Prius technique and is not the most suitable to attackwinding roads. Therefore, its proponents have adhered to theirnatural virtues: an editor applauded hisdriving in electric mode, and another went further:"Super-quiet, be in a traffic jam is a pleasure in thiscar!". Of course as the gasoline engine intervenes usrecalls inevitably a diesel model. And the CT has notnever managed to cover the 1.5 kilometers of autonomy modeyes achieved purely electric Prius. But overall reliabilitywe must recognize that, apart from the sound section, when wekick down the drive only deserves praise: runs and runswithout stopping, gradually and discreetly along the100,000 kilometers hays made. Faultlessly. Here tooToyota remains the spirit and its reliability is absolute.We can almost say that the only error that has occurred inour test was the release of the housing shooterright door to the 5,896 and 62,524 kilometers. Only two failuresunder therefore maximum score, and the third Japanese hybridreaching the top of our ranking.

In our insurance comparator havecalculated what it would cost Lexus CT 200h ensure 136 hp. Forcalculate the price, we take as reference a man of 40,ten old ID and without sinister, he is living inMadrid, used the car every day, parked in a collective garage andruns up to 20 000 km per year. With these data, insuranceall it offers more affordable risk Nut, 351euros.
This cost could be lower if you opt for a policy to allwith excess. In this case, the barat would beDirect Insurance. It costs 254 euros with 280 franchiseeuros.

Yes, the Toyota Auris Hybrid, with the samemechanical and a lower price, it sells better. But it is not bathed ingold...

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