Test Suzuki Van Van 125/200 cc: why everyone likes?

Like, he wants and love. In this test the Suzuki Van Van 125/200 cc: analyze why everyone likes this motorcycle as old and with which we would have been even better than we imagined, with greater versatility that promise performance and Suzuki catalog photos. Dear Kings: can begin to write the letter?

This bike keeps stealing glances golosonas many years later,among rookies, veterans and experts, among whomThey want to buy their first motorcycle and among driversexperienced who can surrender to the charm of simplicity. And hownow it has become fashionable asretro / vintage / heritage / scrambler / hipster in the urban area,as the Japanese brand has not had to do anything butupdate your longevísima 'dunera' arrancasonrisas to enjoyOne Now second? youth. tested the Suzuki Van Van125/200 cc to find out why everyone likes. 

Suzuki test VanVan 125 cc (11)

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    Suzuki VanVan is one of the oldest motorcycle market.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    After their latest updates, still widely accepted.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    His aesthetic is unmistakable.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    And versatility is remarkable.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    Their equipment is quite basic.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    At a time which takes it 'vintage', this bike brings many conditions like.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    After growing acceptance in 125 cc, Suzuki now offers 200 cc version.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    In both, the brakes met, if only the front disc is.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    The mixed tire gives good results, although the later is very oversized.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    The exhaust pipe duneras inherits the qualities of its origins.

  • VanVan 125 cc Suzuki test

    The fuel tank is a bit small, though not accumulate weight helps in town.

This motorcycle actually saw the light for the first time On1972! as multipurpose bike and almost, shirt; and began theXXI century with a second life -inyección since 2008. Now infull of the neo-retro fever, offers a truly aestheticclassical, marches (only five, but it is something that abounds insegment as the 125 cc dominated scootersautomatic), the possibility of be conducted with the card Bcar If you have more than three years of experience ... andconfiguration that makes it extremely easy to carry: positioncomfortable, reliable mechanics, simple and predictable reactions andprogressive, sobredimensionadísimo rear tire that eatspotholes and forgive almost all mistakes ...

These are the main arguments dazzle whomhave already or those who think ordered your first bike, asour friend and photographer Álex Aguilar. And that does not know yetSuzuki has also already in 200 cc. But before getting tohim to die of envy, I will make a test morebackground alone.

Guaranteed fun

Turn the ignition key and see that the picture may not be moreBasics: speedometer, total kilometers and three witnesses,intermittency, neutral and fuel reserve. End. In addition,the part is reset to the old-fashioned way, by turning a wheelwith hand. After pressing the start button, the blockIt sounds quietly and discreetly turns going up aslame speed.

Suzuki Van Van speedo

People look at the Van Van with a smile and althoughIt seems much more bike than it is presumed to beestrechita enough to slip through all the holestraffic and be parked in the center subiéndote the sidewalk by thehigher curb without seeking the recessed area overstoplight or disturb pedestrians. I love.

The manual gearbox is not the most comfortable of the worldloiter, but tact and finishes are enoughone good enough to move comfortably everywhere inAs he gets the hang of this mount. Yes, has thatthe effectiveness of the gearbox is not modern cut (ifcome from a KTM 125 Duke -day- night and the pedalLeft will seem very erratic) and not stretch its 12 CVto infinity.

Video: 10 Tipsto buy a motorcycle of 125 cc.

It is also much appreciated that the suspension, without being amarvel of technology, comply and that along with the aforementionedtire and comfy seat, the rigor of potholes not arrivemuch nor too straight to your back. In return, it is true that noYou have a touch with asphalt as accurate, but since this is nota purely rational purchase and other aesthetic and conceptual, it isappreciate these feelings of old bike improved andreliable.

I'm aiming mentally all this when, suddenly, Imeeting at a traffic light with a girl of medium height, with aVan Van pretty black and pink helmet type Penelope Glamor (from 'TheWacky Races') without visor and a pair of beribboned biker."At your feet, missy!", As he was that character in thatfomasa animated series. Joking aside, it is a proof plusthat the Suzuki Van Van 125 cc It has a 'don't-know-what' difficultto explain, much to lengthen our this text. 

On the road, you remember the 200 cc

Out of town it is something else, because you have to psychthat top speed It will not only overcome the 100 km / h andyou'll have to play with the gears continuously andeach overtaking. The advantage is that here you have the optionreduce leverage and blow accounts of a sixth gearllanear or relief to drop the bike downhill, although it islittle usable as reaches the minimum slope.

In other words, it lacks that little engine that offersthe Suzuki Van Van 200 cc and that without having many moremore differences between the two (apart from overpricing 4299euros-, its 15 hp) does allow you llanear to 115 km / h solooser, although most of the sisters have aup less. 

Suzuki VanVan 200 2016 Photos (11)

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And why stop? Although it has a disc front, thebrakes are justitos and the rear drum does not contribute to itseffectiveness.

Drum Brake Suzuki Van Van

And back to business as usual: we do not like the ABS or controltraction are not available even as an option, but nevertheless,this bike brakes better than many other old / classic butThey are perfectly restored. 


However, I'm having so much fun, I dare to roadsland and even the steps. Even by rounding thetest, I go to the field to put me on easy and II discover sensations enjoying long notHe felt like when you took a mountain or by Bultaco around the villageand you know that you reach your destination not end zones woulddepend more on your expertise with the throttle and knees thatFrame own limitations.

Suzuki Van Van 125 towers city field

In Japanese, "They go, they go" It means something like "Come on,come on!": For whom the test, the translation could be "YourYou'll spend with her Good, good!".

In this case, your best weapons are mixed tiresduneros, its weight content, high exhaust pipe and generousdistance from the engine to the ground. 

But I did not Mess for today, that after all I havestill pending the photoshoot. Alex, low to play?


Sometimes it does not need to get on a bike with many horsesto have fun. And that is immortal Van Van, one 125very 'glib' that engages its forms, for the quality of itsand finished his personality on and off the asphalt (thoughtoday it is more urban than anything else). Who does not like it?

The best: design, aesthetics, style, versatility,finished 

Worst: little engine, brakes fair, palettereduced (the White Special Solid thistest was the big news of 2016 and Suzuki withdrew it fromSpanish a few months) market price, fuel tanklittle.

Photos: Álex Aguilar.

Equipement: Tweet 30.0 Givi helmet, jacket Axo MadisonHevik Stoccolma gloves. 

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