We tested the new Honda Forza 125 2017: a scooter almost perfect

With this bike until you have a 125 presumirás ...

Everything is relative in this life. Even the price of an urban motorcycle. And to start try the new Honda Forza 125, the last thing you want is to look at its price, whether it is a little steep for your pocket and you just erasing the smile that draws you even before you get on to this mount, aesthetics, LED lighting front and rear, color scheme ... "Is the new Forza? ¿How much?"Asks worldwide. "I dont know; it is not mine. I am not from here"I answer accelerating at light so that no one makes me 'spoiler' and 'contaminated' in some way my first insights into the machine. Usually when I'm going to try a car or a motorcycle, the lesson I have learned everything I can in concept, engine, technology, price ... But here, although it is difficult Everyone who engages in this knows what it is a Forza-, I wanted to play a little of this. 

The fact is that, although this type of motorcycles practicality prevails here too there are levels. And Honda wants to continue fighting with its competitors with a product aesthetic and unimpeachable quality and a surprisingly dynamic behavior ... even though the price is considerably higher than average. For example, this Forza costs 4,950 euros, almost like new Kymco Super Dink 350 (4,999 euros) and 651 euros more than the equivalent of 125 cc -Promotions-apart (test Kymco Super Dink 125 2017). 
Having said all this, now you have to know if that premium is worth it. I feel in this new Forza and first impressions can not be better: aesthetic very nice, high-tech touches (optical LED front and rear, keyless start, Start-Stop that works perfectly, good posture even for someone 1.90 m as suitable comfort of a seat that has a trunk for two helmets them truly integrated and more ...). 
But wait, if this like, the best is yet to come when you press the power button: the noise level is nice, yes, but their performance bri-llan-tes. After a good acceleration, 15 hp engine Euro 4 will be up to speed without complex and in any circumstance. It comfortable for strolling by should be the main stage of this test, the city. However, it would be unfair not to take advantage bypass roads and even highways. This week I have plans within 50 km and this bike is revealed more multipurpose capacity than a Swiss army knife: size content, high loading capacity, ability to comfortably carry two people, good response, remarkable braking with ABS, low consumption ... and more than amazing top speed. 
Faster than expected 
In a motorcycle 125, the maximum speedometer is usually not critical when you do not plan to leave the city and looking for the lowest prices. What happens is that the behavior of this renewed Honda Forza It is so good that you forget about the engine when you move to overtake buses and trucks without too much trouble. And we must highlight as it should: this bike is not properly to reach 100 km / h to make a quick fix out there; It is that you can llanear to 120 km / h with confidence, because not cut until after the 130! And to make matters goods, aerodynamic protection also permanently contributes to this feeling of well-being. 
It gets dark and turn back to urban gridlock ... and the good feeling with this mount: the complete picture remains as legible as the day. If no street lights with lighting has proven to be outstanding around, I'm glad now count on the front with such luminous display (LED headlamp surface with double crossing over lines daylight ends up being huge).

A Start-Stop that it is practical
And if that were not enough, you can not think disconnect Start-Stop, because Honda is the only market two wheels (and already wanted some cars) that works great (as was the case in the Honda PCX 125) shuts off the engine at four seconds flat and lights and it does accelerate without delay as you start to turn the lot right. 
Although my next bike is a beautiful 900 cc, I acknowledge that I am sorry to say goodbye to the protagonist of our proof, the new one Honda Forza 125 2017, whose price is no longer me, much less, so high ... 


Honda-Forza-125Honda-Forza-125Honda Forza 125, is presented in Nice

Technical data Honda Forza 125 2017

  • Type of motor1 cylinder, 4 stroke, injection SOHC, 4V, liquid cooling
  • Maximum speed130 km / h
  • displacement124.9 cc
  • maximum torque12.5 Nm at 8750 rpm
  • Power15 CV 8,750 rpm
  • SuspensionTelescopic fork (front) and cantilever with two dampers and adjustable spring preload and (behind).
  • Brakessingle disc 256mm / 240mm single disc (with combined ABS &# 039; C-ABS&# 039;).
  • Long wide high2,152 / 775 / 1,450 mm
  • Weight159 kg
  • Seat height down780 mm
  • Tires (the / det)120 / 70-15 and 140 / 70-14 /
  • Tank capacity11.5 l
  • official consumption2.29 l / 100 km
  • Emissions regulationseuro 4
  • Carné necessaryA1, A2, A, B
  • Price4,950 euros
  • Fuel typeGasoline

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