Test Peugeot 400 RX-R Metropolis 2017: A successful spin

In this first test Peugeot Metropolis 400 RX-R 2017, and we have seen that this bike tricycles that can be driven with the card B car improvement right on the weaknesses of the original model, so it becomes a maxiscooter truly new (and more interesting). We have filmed in Barcelona and these are our first impressions.

He was born a little slipstream of the Piaggio MP3, but with a touch morecolorful and 'premium' and now returns to be truly renewed thedefinitive reference in the still emerging segment of the threewheels: scooters that are approved as tricycles (L5e) toThey can also be conducted with the B car license. And now,since in the first tight turns between rolling through the streetscurves Montjuïc (Barcelona), have seen their greatprogress and how it shines right on those points wherewaver the original model: this is our first testMetropolis new Peugeot 400 2017 RX-R.

New Metropolis Peugeot 400 RX-R 2017 (13)

  • Test-New-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017

    We have put the handlebar of the new Peugeot Metropolis 2017. (Photos: manufacturer, RF).

  • Test-New-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-front

    Specifically, it is the 400 RX-R version of this tricycle.

  • Test-New-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-turn

    The changes are much more important inside than outside.

  • Test-New-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-lateral

    And we have seen from the beginning in this first contact.

  • Test-new-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-rise

    400 2017 Metropolis tour much better than its predecessor.

  • Test-new-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-upload-action

    The most notable improvements are in fact the work that has been done in the front.

  • Test-new-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-upload-action-Montjuic

    The engine meets the Euro 4 and now the introduction into the range of ABS and traction control have been huge steps forward.

  • Test-New-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-logos

    Aesthetically, the RX-R version will recognize these red stripes on their only color available in matte finish.

  • Test-New-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-box

    The picture remains as complete.

  • Test-New-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-glove

    Next to the front glove compartment, the same buttons opening porters and flywheel 'keyless'.

  • Test-new-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-trunk

    The Metropolis still has more cargo capacity compared to the first generation.

  • Test-new-Peugeot-Metropolis-400-RX-R-2017-trunk-chest-back

    Retells compartment with a successful independent opening behind.

  • New Peugeot 400 RX-R Metropolis 2017

So, the first thing to say is that this is a "turnunexpected" of events, because although the manufacturerFrench always said you had to work very seriouslyit, what they have achieved around the front axle isfrankly striking: a whole lot more refined andprecise.

All newPeugeot Scooters 2017.

Aesthetically, this version RX-R differs from its sisterrange in the matte color you see in the gallery and red stripesthe side. Moreover, in all still verypintón calls little attention ... if what you want is to look for eyedifferences from what we already knew: same shapes, colorsimilar to Metropolis 400RS we tested on their day, very complete picture (with sensorpressure independently on each wheel) and instrumentation andknown space outside and inside (now more trunkalthough with the same independent opening by button-in twodiferenciados- spaces), boot without key type roulette'Keyless', specific daylighting, brake and lockelectronic tilt using buttons and feeling ...premium vehicle on all four sides.

However, when starting, the engine is already notes slightlymore refined. Okay, I look at this right away because I knowthe mechanical aspect is also new and here Peugeot has curlycurly and it has further improved its block which was his pointStrong respect to competition, more efficiently, better touchand, above all, compliance with Euro 4 regulations.

But 'surprise': before from giving gas, noticed that in the fistright there is a lever that activates two control levelstraction (one more urban and another designed for driving moredynamic). I go out and check that all compliments of yesteryearmaintain or improve: nice sound, Answer veryright to each situation, good aerodynamic protectionliftable front screen without screws ... And the best: infirst corners, finally you stop accusing the innate tendencyI had this bike to go vertically.

In addition, they have been greatly reduced vibrations and handlebars andis not as sharp wrist on bumpy terrain, or thegoing over bumps, bumps or soundtracks.

All Peugeot motorcycles andyour prices.

It makes good temperature and the route is pleasant.Even in the port area of ​​Barcelona, ​​where it has taken placethis first Metropolis test new Peugeot 400 RX-R2017 the crosswind is not too accused, even ifI hurry, the overall weight makes you not feel 'sold'as in more aerodynamic frames, indeed, butalso lighter and 'floating'.  

New Peugeot Metropolis 2017 (3)

  • Peugeot-Metropolis-2017

    The new Peugeot Metropolis 2017 has been presented at the EICMA 2016.

  • Peugeot-Metropolis-2017
  • Peugeot-Metropolis-2017

Finally, he again down the Catalan 'Magic Mountain', istime to try a little braking, something that again in thisTouchdown, a great improvement is also seen: brakingcombined (CBS) He has finally given way to the range to ABS. HeCBS system is a cheaper option that some manufacturersThey decant in certain models 125 cc to reduce weight andfacilitate handling customers come from the car and never haveeven driven a moped. But if you already smallABS cylinder capacity not stop when a vehicle is unrivaledin emergency braking without locking the wheel and maintainingNo say on firm management and deslizantes-, perhaps Peugeotsinned a little optimistic to not include it in his firstMetropolis (Metropolis first test Peugeotgeneration). 

PeugeotMetropolis RS 400 vs Piaggio MP3 500 LT Sport. 

This time, in addition, Peugeot has introduced another elementinherited from cars: automatic switching on of the 'warning' inIf make a very strong braking, something unprecedented in the segmentof two and three wheels. Also, returning to the approvalto make it easier for less experienced riders, it seems thatbrake pedal (floor, right) has ceased to be a'Formalism' to constitute a truly usable element,although its use is completely optional and dispensable if you have alreadyminimal skill with handles. 

Test Peugeot 400 RX-S Metropolis Barcelona

In summary

Failing to thoroughly test this vehicle for moretime, our first test New PeugeotMetropolis 400 RX-R 2017 You can not end without acknowledging whatIt is evident from the beginning: the French manufacturer has made verytheir homework in a relatively short time and offersinteresting and improved product car look,behavior and advantages of maxiscooter and a look verystriking reaching the Spanish market wanting to monopolizeMarket three-wheeled bikes for card B, thanks toa good response, a lot of capacity and price fromthrowing of 8,699 euros (With one year of insurance, theftincluded).

The best: engine capacity, premium appearance.

Worst: overweight and limitations inherent in thissegment relative to other equivalent maxiscooters but twowheels (you can park on the sidewalk in some cities). Onlycolor available in this version. 

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