Video: This is the Yamaha YZR-M1 Rossi and Lorenzo for 2016

Video: This is the Yamaha YZR-M1 Rossi and Lorenzo for 2016

Yesterday was presented the Yamaha Motor Racing for the 2016 season, and so is the Yamaha YZR-M1 Rossi and Lorenzo for 2016.

Barcelona witnessed one of the most anticipated momentsMotoGP 2016 preseason, the team presentation Yamaha Motor Racing. Aevent we could attend and discover, among other things,Valentino Rossi has not changed just his speechagainst Marc Márquez. Another interesting point wasknow the new bike and This is the Yamaha YZR-M1 RossiLorenzo 2016

So Slit Rossi yesterday about Marc Márquez

The bike itself has few changes regarding thelast year, beyond the new Michelin tires. HomeIwata made a very complete and balanced prototype seasonLast, and therefore not They have wanted to play too designM1, especially if we consider that in 2016 allteams go blind as a result of new tires andMagneti Marelli only the software. It is hoped that fromNext year, 2017, we begin to perceive any changemore visible in the design of the MotoGP. 

Presentation Team Yamaha MotoGP 2016: All Photos (17)

  • Yamaha MotoGP 2016 lorenzo Rossi

    Lorenzo and Rossi stand proudly with his new mount: the new Yamaha YZR-M1 2016

  • Yamaha MotoGP 2016 presentation

    Moments before lifting the blue, along with Lin Jarvis, Kouichi Tsuji Massimo Meregalli and

  • Yamaha MotoGP 2016 presentation

    There's the new Yamaha YZR-M1!

  • Yamaha MotoGP rossi 2016 presentation

    How a child with new shoes! Rossi was delighted with his new bike

  • Yamaha MotoGP Barcelona 2016 presentation

    The whole family alongside the new Japanese machine

  • Yamaha MotoGP 2016 Lorenzo presentation

    No sign of bad rolls: Lorenzo and Rossi showed cordiality and mutual respect

  • lorenzo rossi greeting hug stress

    Although their relationship is cold and note that somewhat distant: What a season awaits us!

  • Yamaha MotoGP 2016 presentation

    The two pilots with the head of development of the M1, Kouichi Tsuji

  • Yamaha MotoGP 2016 presentation lin jarvis

    This time, both pose with team principal: Lin Jarvis

  • Yamaha MotoGP 2016 presentation
  • MotoGP Yamaha YZR-M1 2016 presentation

    Many new YZR-M1 in 2016, especially in the electronic section

  • yamaha m1 2016
  • 2016 yamaha m1 brakes
  • 2016 yamaha m1 rear axle
  • 2016 motogp yamaha team presentation

    In previous interviews, the protagonists commented some of his first impressions ahead of the new season

  • 2016 motogp yamaha team presentation
  • 2016 motogp yamaha team presentation

One of the innovations that we saw in Valencia and testswhich ultimately will not appear on the bike 2016 It is changing theposition of the container. At first it seemed that he couldstand at the back of the bike, with the aim ofbetter distribution of weight and thus release the front tire,main problem of the new Michelin for its lack of grip.Finally this change will not occur. Also to be seenif during the season We see the famous fins whatThey became fashionable Ducati and Lorenzo especially well behavedon the Yamaha. 

The distribution of sponsors also seems unalterable,with particular predominance of Movistar, with Monster andEurasian Bank. Rossi said yesterday that if I were to ask for somethingextra for his bike, it would certainly be a bit more power,which has always been the Achilles heel of the M1, although it has alwayssolved this lack of top speed with cornering andbraking better than any other mount. 

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