MOVEA Plan 2017: sold out in just 24 hours!

This is the MOVEA 2017 Plan

Public aid for the purchase of electric cars have lasted a sigh; now only hope that some of the requests are not eligible to take his share.

Holder change in less than 48 hours. If yesterday we picked the fact that the plan of aid for the purchase of fuel-efficient cars began to run; today we hang the poster MOVEA 2017 Plan exhausted.

It was last June 24 when the Cabinet announced that it had given the green light to aid program for the purchase of electric vehicles, fuel cell, LPG ... But it was a ficiticia activation because dealers had to wait for the web which is responsible for recording data of electric cars that qualify to enjoy the aids were operating, something that did not happen until the Thursday, August 3.

For dealers delayed activation Movea web management converted the registration of cars sold in a distance race has ended much sooner than expected: in less than 24 hours, Tragsa (company responsible for managing the web registration) announces money has run out.

What happens now? For that dealers can continue inscribing vehicles but will enter a provisional reserve list and will receive money only if they register annulments because any of the previously registered models do not meet the requirements.

What is MOVEA Plan?

The Movea Plan is a package of discounts that apply to the purchase of electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid cars, hydrogen, natural gas ... and should be active from January 1 but, so far, who has bought a plug has had to settle for the discounts that make manufacturers.

According to the announcement made by the Government, the new Movea Plan has a budget of 14,260,000 (Less than in previous years when the amount to be distributed was 16 million euros) and will run until Oct. 15 or until the budget is exhausted. 

So is the MOVEA Plan 2017: 500 + 1,000 euros discount for passenger cars

The Movea Movea 2017 or Plan 2 has a budget of 14.26 million euros to be shared among everyone who buys an efficient vehicle. The amount to deduct vehicle dependent and ranges between 500 euros to be deducted for passenger cars to 18,000 euros for the purchase ade buses and trucks.

In between are the buses and trucks for the help are set at 5,000 euros and motorcycles will enjoy a discount of between 1,200 and 1,500 euros.


Are therefore outside the aid scheme combustion vehicles (powered by diesel or petrol) which were that while in force He rewarded the PIVE Plan.

In the case of cars, the 500 euros of aid offered by the Government, establishments wishing to join the Movea 2017 Plan will have to offer its customers an additional discount of 1,000 euros and whether it is electric car d eun must provide the buyer with the installation of a charging point.

Speaking of this. The amounts for the installation of charging points 40% will be for those who go in public places, with a maximum of 1,000 euros for conventional charging stations, 2,000 euros for those of semi-rapid recaraga and 15,000 euros for fast loading.

What vehicles can receive help?

In what we imagine is no change in cars that have discounts, a list that remains is whether includes:

- (electrical plug pure and hybrid) electric vehicles

- the liquefied gas (LPG / Autogas)

- the compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied (LNG)

- electric bikes

- pedaling bicycles assisted by an electric motor.

aid installation point loads, one of the main obstacles to the implementation of electric mobility in our country will also be given.

Some new features of the 2017 Plan Movea

In addition to reducing the amount, the new Movea Plan brings some changes from previous editions:

- It eliminates the minimis regime It imposed a ceiling of operations to the company; but now It is not allowed to add support Movea other regional or local grants, aid unless they are installing charging points.

- It gives maximum period of 10 days to document the vehicle reservation; the previous plan to spend up to 150 days left.

- Now they can access the aid electric vehicles of up to nine months old from the first registration, instead of six last year. This applies to vehicles owned a dealership, POS, manufacturer or importer who has acquired a new

- It incorporates an grant of 1,000 euros for public recharging points from 7 to 15 kW power, which are added to subsidies for fast loading and semi-rapid

It calls for a PIVE Plan 2017

During the presentation of the balance of its commercial sales in 2016, the CEO of Hyundai Spain, Polo Satrústegui, gave way to what they think all manufacturers that sell cars in our country is necessary PIVE 9 or similar plan.

Far from citing data showing how government aid schemes for purchase are an important economic boost for the sector, Satrústegui argued its claim based on the advanced age of the Spanish fleet (more d ela half the cars in circulation have been met 10 years) and this results in a double threat:

- For the security. "An old car has two and a half times more likely to have an accident than a new one", He recalled the CEO of Hyundai Spain.

- For him environment. "We want to fight emissions and we do not consider that a current model in accordance with the rules Euro6 emits 90% less than any car 10 years ago"Says Satrústegui.

For the director of Hyundai in Spain, launching a new edition of Plan PIVE (would be PIVE 9) should not be at odds with the program of aid for the purchase of fuel-efficient cars (the MOVEA Plan which should have come into force in January ): "aid are also necessary if you want to boost car sales of alternative technologies such as hybrid and electric. While there have been Movea Plan, they have reasonably sold as soon as it's over, have plummeted".

Will there or will there be PIVE Plan 2017?

Although you can not give a categorical answer, the passivity of the government away the prospect of a PIVE short or medium term. A nearly exhausted the PIVE 8, the then Minister of Industry, Juan Manuel Soria, said more than 170 million euros endowment would be the last and that since that time, management efforts would focus on encouraging the purchase of more efficient cars, hybrid and electric read.

The strength of the manufacturers and sellers made the PIVE 8 is lengthened from the first deadline in July 2016, at the end of the year. But apparently not beyond reach.

You run out PIVE 8 Plan, here's a guide to getting discounts

From we have contacted Anfac. The Spanish association of manufacturers of cars and trucks is the most active in the struggle for a new plan of aid for the purchase of new cars.

They think that a new plan is necessary PIVE and not only for sales but do not fall "the need for scrapping the Spanish fleet and to promote sustainable mobility"They say.

Since its communications department have told us that take advantage of any meeting or official meeting to request a PIVE Plan 9 or, failing that, a plan of subsidies that cover a greater number of cars. So far, they have not been answered.

Eight PIVE plans with very good results

In early 2016, manufacturers and sellers made statements and calculated that thanks to Plan PIVE about 20,000 more cars are sold. 

The figure is high but much lower than that achieved in the previous editions (the bassoon is because, in theory, PIVE 8 would only last seven months and 12 as above):

- in 2013 77.572 units sold thanks to more PIVE

- in 2014, 88,990 units

- in 2015, 50,815 units thanks to PIVE 7

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