How and where to see the 2017 Indianapolis 500?

How and where to see the 2017 Indianapolis 500?

Find out how and where to see the 2017 Indianapolis 500, race that Fernando Alonso will be one of after announcing his desire to become the Triple Crown stars. His second step after winning the Monaco Grand Prix F1 is to win at the legendary Oval Indiana. We give you the keys to enjoy one of the most closely watched events of the year in the United States.

The announcement of Fernando Alonso that will participate in the2017 Indianapolis 500 It has made interestSpanish public - and global - in the mythical race theregrown exponentially. If you wonder how and where to seethe 2017 Indianapolis 500, You've found the placePerfect for the answer.

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Since 2016, Movistar It has rightsthe television Indycar exclusively on ourcountry. The Spanish operator bought the rights to the threecoming years, not knowing of course that this seasonFernando Alonso I would be there running. The channelusually the race, Movistar Sports 1 partsports package is in the dial number 55.access it must have hired Movistar TV andSports package. However, given the importance of the raceand participation of Alonso, Movistar will issue through itschannel Zero, available to all its subscribers, withoutneed an extra package.

Alonso's career in Indianapolis 500 HEyou will see in Spain, yes, but we have to pay for it. Thealternative to follow if not available will be credited to MovistarInternet, either via a streaming video or theofficial Twitter accounts, which are responsible for transmitting thebest possible way what happens in the race, even withvideos.

In addition to the race, Movistar also issue of theclassification of Indianapolis 500, throughMovistar Sports Channel 2. On Saturday they will connect at 23: 00hSunday will do the same at 21: 50h. Raúl Benito, narratorusual, and the driver Roldán Rodríguez will discuss this importantproof. Benito repeat as race commentator alongsideCristóbal Rosaleny and Toni Cuquerella. In the circuit will be NaomiMiguel and José Antonio Ponseti.

When are the 2017 Indianapolis 500?

The 2017 Indianapolis 500 They will start 28May at 18: 20h in the afternoon, just two hours aftercompletion Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1. If you are unsure whetheryou see this race for the first time, it should be remembered that it isof the 101st edition of a legendary event in which largedrivers have won ... and Fernando Alonso It could be himnext. They will be 200 laps, after a long career thatwinner enter into an exclusive club that few have thelucky to be.

Other options for the race

Movistar + subscribers with any package purchased,you can see the Indianapolis 500 inYomvi live via this link,tuning into channel Zero. To access the signalyou will need your account username and password and also haveinstalled on your computer Microsoft's Silverlight program.

Another option for many will see the IndyCar inwith the moving. For this operator customers onlyThey will have to download the application corresponding toAndroid or IOS devices, according to thecase.

Another interesting alternative is the webESPN, which offers the possibility to subscribe to your servicelive broadcast streaming to watch the event live onlinea price of 6.99 euros.

Finally, you can enter the official websitecompetition to check the times of eachpilot, a good choice if you will be away from home whenthe race. There is also an official application very comfortable in thethat times are live.

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Alonso It is already focused on preparation forRace traveled directly by private jet from Spain toIndianapolis after the Grand Prix which was held this weekend in drawingMontmeló. A few hours later, the Spanish took to the track forparticipate in their first collective test and sensationscould be better, since He led the round of training young drivers notcompete in the full IndyCar season. Once alltook to the track, Alonso fell to nineteenth place, butreally important it is that continues to accumulate experienceoval. Servia was eleventh.

On the second day of collective test, Fernando continued hislearning, this time focused on collecting whole experiencepossible rolling group. It was twenty-fourth, six placesbehind Servia, but that's not important, because it could complete117 turns that serve to continue improving gradually. lefta great image, spectacular overtaking two drivers do not needto lose.

On the third day of practice, Alonso found a cluedifficult windy. However, this did not prevent theSpanish come out shooting. Not to forget that it is importantknow all the situations to learn from them. After39 laps, Alonso completed the test in fourth place, a greatresult before which I must say that is not quite real, sincenot all pilots were not to risk butt. Thefeelings remain extremely positive.

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The fourth day was probably the most positiveplayed so far. Alonso completed almost a hundred laps innumerous times rolling in traffic and making severalovertaking. The afternoon was very intense for the Spaniard, whoHe maximized his track time before the possibility of rainFriday. He repeated fourth place with Servia eighth.

The forecasts were confirmed and Friday rained, but that does notAlonso completase prevented a good number of laps and ended,for the third consecutive day in fourth place. A great wayto reach the first part of qualifying on Saturday.

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Fernando Alonso has scored seventh in the first part of qualifying for the 500sIndianapolis, thereby ensuring a place in the struggle forPole position with the nine best drivers. The bestSaturday's Ed Carpenter was followed by Takuma Sato andScott Dixon. Oriol Servià It was due settle forvigesimocuarta position. Oriol morning fight for a place amongthe tenth and thirty-third.

In the final round, Fernando Alonso He managed a creditable fifth place, while Servia achievedtwelfth place for the Indianapolis 500. ScottDixon will start from the pole next week.