Top 7 second-hand diesel SUV

Top 7 second-hand diesel SUV

Here are the Top 7 second-hand diesel SUV. The first SUV was launched in 1994 and the years have left us very interesting cars. SUV that used to cost 60,000 euros you all can take home for only 9,000 euros. Are you going to miss the opportunity to enjoy an SUV?

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These are Top 7 second-hand diesel SUV. Easttypes of cars been on the market since 1994 thanks to the firstToyota RAV4. The peculiarity of these cars is that they areless adapted to the field than traditional SUV butOffroad maintain their aesthetic and offers better performance inasphalt.

This formula has been successful, while the real terrain areand about to disappear SUV They do not stop growing. AlmostAll brands already have an SUV in their respective ranges.One of the last to arrive was the Seat Ateca.

Ateca Seat pictures that you can only see here (31)

  • Ateca Seat

    It has a very dynamic design

  • Ateca Seat 2016
  • Ateca Seat 2016
  • Ateca Seat 2016
  • Ateca Seat 2016
  • Ateca Seat 2016
  • Ateca Seat 2016
  • ateca seat front three-quarter

    The commercial debut of the Seat Ateca will take place next spring.

  • static seat ateca

    The new Seat Ateca has been designed in Barcelona, ​​but will be manufactured in Czech Republic.

  • ateca seat front three-quarters white

    The new SUV Seat is named after a small town in the province of Zaragoza.

  • Ateca Seat

    Seat's first SUV is the Seat Ateca

  • inside seat ateca

    Inside the Seat Ateca, nailed to the Seat Leon, known for its perceived quality and utilziados materials.

  • ateca seat interior

    The legroom in the rear seats is generous. The Ateca has a wheelbase of 2.6 meters.

  • ateca inside seat 2016

    2016 Interior Seat Ateca very driver-oriented.

  • ateca seat center console

    The center console Ateca Seat stands out for its driving mode selector next to the gear lever.

  • seat driving modes ateca

    The Ateca Seat will have up to six driving modes in 4x4.

  • Ateca Seat

    Rivaling the Ford Kuga and Co.

  • Ateca Seat

    It has four-wheel drive

  • Ateca Seat

    The front reminds others Seat

  • ateca seat trunk

    The Ateca Seat has a load capacity of 510 liters, 485 remain in the 4x4 versions.

  • ateca seat spare wheel

    Seat unit in Ateca exposed had a spare tire cookie.

  • ateca rear seat

    The Ateca Seat rear camera features and the boot can be opened with the foot.

  • Ateca Seat

    The 4Drive system allows you to leave the asphalt

  • Ateca Seat

    Later, Seat will launch a larger SUV

  • ateca seat presentation

    Time of presentation of the new Seat Ateca 2016, with Matthias Rabe, Executive Vice President of R & D Seat.

  • ateca rear seat blank

    The new Seat Ateca 2016 in an attractive white and Xcellence finish, the top end.

  • ateca seat headlights

    Ateca Seat headlights are like a lion, but overextended.

  • low back seat ateca

    Rear Seat Ateca 2016 stands out protectors low.

  • ateca seat wheel arches

    The wheel of Seat Ateca are at least rare design ...

  • ateca seat rear three quarters

    The first SUV in the history of the brand hit the market with an offer of mechanical diesel and gasoline.

  • ateca three quarters rear seat

    Which will be available with manual or automatic dual-clutch changes with front- or all-wheel drive.

Depreciation of SUV diesel It can besurprising. In the category of large SUVs you can findnew cars were sold for 60,000 euros at a price in thesecond-hand market of 9,000 euros. It may be a good time totake a giant home.

But attention, check it is in perfect conditionmechanic. Their engines of large displacements, many with changesautomatic and can break many things. And failures are notexactly cheap to fix.

1. BMW X5

BMW X5 E53 1999 (7)

  • BMW X5 E53 1999
  • BMW X5 E53 1999
  • BMW X5 E53 1999
  • BMW X5 E53 1999
  • BMW X5 E53 1999
  • BMW X5 E53 1999
  • BMW X5 E53 1999

The first generation BMW X5 It is priced atbalance. You can find units from 4,500 euros. But ina car so full of technology, not interested in buying onepoor condition, it is best to pay a little more (about 8,000 euros) andtake home a well-preserved unit.

He BMW X5 E53 It was launched in 1999 and his bodyIt was designed by Frank Stephenson. It is the same creator thatBMW Mini first and currently is the chief designerMcLaren.

The most interesting engine is the diesel sixinline 3.0L: early versions had 184CV and the 2003 facelift, the power was raised to218 hp. also marketed petrol engines upeight-cylinder with 355 hp.

2. Mercedes M-Class

Mercedes M-Class W164 (4)

  • Mercedes M-Class W164
  • Mercedes M-Class W164
  • Mercedes M-Class W164
  • Mercedes M-Class W164

Although the first generation Mercedes M-Class is fineprice, we recommend you focus your gaze on the secondMercedes M-Class (W164). It is much better finish, it is morecomfortable and still offer a modern car standards.

Car valuer

He M-Class W164 It was launched in 2005 andHe commercialized until 2011. The mechanics that were more successful inour country were the diesel: the ML 280 CDI 188 hp andML 320 CDI with 224 hp. There was also the ML 400 CDI306 hp although its spread was much lower.

A good unit Mercedes ML diesel it has a pricemeans of 15,000 euros and it is without doubt one the of 7best second hand diesel SUV. Mercedes ML gasoline engine havesomething cheaper price, so if we make a few kilometers a year ...It can be a good choice!

3. VolkswagenTouareg

Second hand Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI (5)

  • Second-hand-Volkswagen-Touareg-v10-TDI-frontal

    The Touareg V10 TDI Volkswagen equipped the most powerful diesel engine of its time

  • Second-hand-Volkswagen-Touareg-v10-TDI-back

    The rear of the VW Touareg V10 TDI differs from that of their brethren in range by leaks, exclusive V8 and V10

  • Second-hand-Volkswagen-Touareg-v10-TDI-wheels

    Tires Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI that are painted in black. They are not in good condition

  • Second-hand-Volkswagen-Touareg-v10-TDI-dash

    Inside the Touareg V10 is very luxurious: leather seats, backrest adjustment rear bench ...

  • Second-hand-Volkswagen-Touareg-v10-TDI-conditioner

    The Volkswagen TDI available Touared V10 optionally a bizone for rear seats

Yes, the Volkswagen Touareg is already at a veryinteresting. The first generation of this SUV Volkswagen is already a suitable car for allpockets and you can find units from just 7000euros. As always, we do not recommend a unit with manykilometers, about 10,000 euros Wear yourself better. You'll find cars ingood!

He First Volkswagen Touareg It's one of the best SUVdiesel second hand by the ample interior spaceIt offers, its production quality and excellent enginesTDI diesel. The smallest diesel was the five cylinder blockR5 2.5 TDI 174 hp but the interesting 3.0 TDI 240 hpIt sold so large. There was also a giant dieselV10 TDI with 313 hp.

4. Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 (4)

  • Volvo XC90 front
  • Volvo XC90 rear
  • Volvo XC90 wheel
  • Volvo XC90 Interior

He Volvo XC90 first It has been one of the great successes ofVolvo. Just check that it has been on sale since2001 to 2014. Almost 15 years! This is something that is not usually seen ina modern car.

What is the great virtue of VolvoXC90? Certainly within its ample. It offers five seatsVery spacious and a huge trunk of 615 liters. Surely it is an SUVsecondhand ideal for family trips.

Volvo XC90 behavior is not as accomplished as theBMW X5 or the Mercedes ML, but Diesel engineD5 we recommend is an inline five-cylinder with 185CV contrives to move joyfully 2,079 kilos weighingthis car. one D5 with 163 hp version is also marketed. Heaverage price of a Volvo XC90 in good condition usually usually the8,000 euros for a unit with about 12 years.

5. Q7

Second hand Audi Q7 (7)

  • audi-q7-second-hand-frontal

    A facelift before the 2009 Q7 without daytime running lights in the headlights and grille old

  • audi-q7-second-hand-side

    The low nose and long belly frequently touch the ground; air suspension gets 245mm ground clearance

  • audi-q7-second-hand-engine

    Between 2006 and 2010 the Q7 took a Volkswagen engine: the 3.6-liter VR6

  • audi-q7-second-hand-engine

    The interior is spacious and offers a very complete equipment

  • audi-q7-second-hand-seats

    The rear seat space is sufficient even with the optional third row

  • audi-q7-second-hand-luggage

    The cargo space is two meters long (unassembled the third row of seats)

  • audi-q7-second-hand-back

    After the facelift in 2009, carries behind a row of LED lights instead of these conventional headlights

The first generation Audi Q7 the car was trendymarket but 10 years after its launch, startappear units diesel engine very interestingfor about 15,000 euros.

The first Audi Q7 was a giant SUV, you just have to throwa look at its outer dimensions: 5,086 mm long,1,983 mm wide and 1,737 high. The weight of this car was2,325 kilograms. Although it seems a dinosaur behaviorIt is quite satisfactory.

Within diesel engines, we recommend the 3.0TDI with 245 hp. Its power is enough to move withease this heavy SUV. Forget the V8 TDI 4.2 liter340 hp and V12 TDI with 500 hp. They are technically verycomplex and, in case of failure, it'll be very expensive.

6. Land RoverFreelander

Land Rover Freelander I (4)

  • Land Rover Freelander I, profile

    The Freelander success in sales and first European in its class, could only be compared to the Grand Vitara and Kia Sportage.

  • Land Rover Freelander I, rear

    Since 2003 the rear auxiliary pilots relocated above; changed bumpers and door moldings.

  • Land Rover Freelander I, inside

    Inside the Freelander it is sober and elegant as befits the British brand.

  • Land Rover Freelander I, trunk

    The boot capacity was 478 liters in the 3-door and 546 liters in the case of the 5-door.

We change the segment compact SUV and youWe propose to the first generation Land RoverFreelander. The arrival of the Range Rover Evoque outshone bothThis model eventually disappeared from the range. However, it is aSUV very interesting.

A good diesel unit a LandRover Freeelander First generation has a pricemeans of 4,500 euros. You can find cars from asonly 2,000 euros ... But the best is that you probably go for the dieselTD4.

The first Freelander They rode the diesel engine Rover1.9 liters of 98 CV. Di or XDi are called. With the newTD4 engine smoothness and power delivery has improved a lot. Wasfour-cylinder diesel with 112 hp BMW source. If the sameengine bearing the BMW 3 Series E46 albeit with less power.

7. Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 ACA20 (4)

  • Toyota RAV4 ACA20
  • Toyota RAV4 ACA20
  • Toyota RAV4 ACA20
  • Toyota RAV4 ACA20

You can not talk about Second best SUV dieselhand and not include the Toyota RAV4, among other reasons, because it was thecreator of this segment back in 1994. We, we're going torecommend the second generation was marketed between 2000 and2006 and currently has an average price of about 6,000euros for a unit with 13 years old.

This Toyota is one of the SUV have bettersupported over the years. His image is still fresh and theInterior have hardly use. The most common is that bothupholstery and plastics are in perfect condition.

He RAV4 ACA20 It was commercialized with Diesel engineD4D 116 hp. Its power is enough even for an SUVcurrent. It is an engine that has been very reliable and do not giveproblems. Undoubtedly, the Toyota RAV4 is one of the best SUVdiesel second hand.

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