7 cars per 1,000 euros that are very interesting

Here are 7 cars per 1,000 euros that are very interesting. Any of the cars that we have selected can make trouble if you find a vehicle that costs about 1,000 euros. Over the years it has shown that they are good cars.

7 cars per 1,000 euros that are very interesting. ThisHe is the choice that we bring you this morning. Buyer of anyof the cars that we have a good car included aprice practically demolition.

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A good example is the first version of the Renault Twingo. At the time was a carrevolutionary exterior design came to scandalize but todayday I still see, in a way, "modern". Further,It offers a surprising interior space.

Renault Twingo 20 years (10)

  • Twingo Renault-20-years

    The Renanault Twingo I is 20 years old. Photos: manufacturer.

  • Twingo Renault-20-years-back

    For its size, the small Twingo came in 1993 to stay for urban Renault.

  • Twingo Renault-20-years-ad

    The advertising campaign was very aggressive. Here, the French version of 'Invent how to live'.

  • Renault Twingo-20-year-emotional

    The emotional part had a lot of weight from the beginning.

  • Twingo Renault-20-years-Family

    It was the first car for young people ... or second family.

  • Renault Twingo-20-year-Twingo-Easy-

    The Twingo Easy had no clutch pedal. In France it is well advertised (in Spain, with a tribe and slogan "two pedals").

  • Renault Twingo-20-year-colors-

    At first, the Twingo was a single model without versions. You could only choose the color.

  • Twingo Renault-20-years-artists

    The Twingo later became an icon, cannon fodder for all kinds of artistic interpretations.

  • Renault Twingo-20-international-markets-year-

    The model was successful in many markets.

  • Twingo Renault-20-years-version-open-rent

    Body 'open' was widely accepted, especially in the vacation.

If you want a four-door car I recommend that you takeout the BMW 3 Series E36 generation. Thissports sedan has proven to be a very reliable car, yourengines are chain and dynamically stillmaintains the guy. I recommend that you take a look at theGalleryPhotos. 

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