What is it and how a dual-clutch motorcycle works

What is it and how a dual-clutch motorcycle works

Manual and automatic transmissions for scooters, until recently there were many more options in the world of motorcycling ... But finally arrived dual-clutch changes. What are they? How do they work?

Systems double clutch They are highly developed inthe automotive world but have taken years to reachmotorcycles by typical factors: weight, space andprice.

Sling We went a little crazy a few years ago whenHe presented the DCT (Cluth Dual Transmission) Your systemdual clutch, an automatic transmission that worksAlso in sequential mode and its mechanism it is like a boxrobotized manual gearbox with a little more complexity. As in theThe result is a car faster and effective change onemanual.

He DCT Honda It is very much like a manual transmission, hassix speeds and developments are arranged in two axes,one for the even gears and the other for odd. Each axis hasa clutch so that the transition between a march and another ismuch faster.

Okay, now suppose that circulate in third clutchthe odd gears is selected that speed (isdisengaging) and of the even gears is selectedsecond or fourth depending on the speed and acceleration.If it is logical that we will move to a higher gear becauseWe are giving gas and we're moving up laps, preselect theFourth, if instead we are cutting gas and reducing thenumber of revolutions, pre-selects the second. So it is shortenedthe time when the gear shift is performed. In addition, theto have two clutches, while one begins to engage theanother is disengaging to prevent loss of thrust whilemake the change. That is, if we change to a higher gear isIt produces change but only seen in revolutionsengine keeps pulling the bike without the cuts appear in amanual gearbox to catch and release the clutch.

[B: https: //youtu.be/N35c9ksEKUo]

DCT has automatic change operation but alsoThey can make the changes manually (without a clutch, sosequential) and the conclusion is clear: Faster to changeup (almost immediately), improved performance and ease ofdriving.

New Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L (7)

  • In late 2015, Honda will sell the new Africa Twin

    The new Honda Africa Twin has been expected, but it comes at the end of the year

  • The change DCT will be available as an option on the new Africa Twin

    Among others, the new Twin Afrinca may have change DCT

  • africa -twin

    New Africa Twin in action

  • african-twin engine-

    Engine 1000cc parallel twin

  • twin-trail-Africa

    A real trail, also APRA off-road use

  • trail-africa-twin-red

    Africa Twin 2015 red

  • african-trail-twin-white

    Africa Twin 2015 in white

Golden wing brand has several models on the marketwith this type of change (such as NM4 Vultus) and seen the result,It seems to be expanded, for example, with the new Africa Twin2016. To see if more brands come alive with this ratebecause it is very helpful for many motorists.

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