7 reasons why you can not buy a motorcycle diesel

Have you ever stopped to think why diesel engines are &# 039; fought&# 039; with two wheels? At least, there are 7 reasons why today you can not afford a bike diesel.

Many decades ago combustion engines fedfor diesel ceased to be the exclusive preserve of the largest andheavy commercial vehicles. However, despite feverthem good market acceptance and the spectaculardevelopment of these mechanical even in smaller cars,who have taken the course has been radically motorcyclesdifferent. And currently there are at least 7 reasonsyou can not afford a bike diesel. Which are? 

1 Not

For starters, if 'strips' catalog, now noMotorcycle diesel new that you can buy inconcessionaire. But they have been around for years (seegallery dieselbike notThey triumphed), even though they have been relegated to military uses and transformationsmost individuals 'geeks' that effective.

2 Weight

Although they have achieved truly diesel engine carssmall and efficient, the power to weight ratio in cuaquiermoto gasoline is usually so favorableto build a motorcycle equivalent but with mechanical dieseladd a few extra kilos and many problems would not compensate-VALUE a hypothetical reduction in consumption preciselyIt would be penalized for it-. And the addition of a turbo-moreweight and complexity mechanically not help inabsolute. 

3 Performance

Besides having more weight, inertia, noise and vibrationunwanted, one moto diesel it would be much less agile andelastic than equivalent gasoline. And this, in stepthe kilometers that supposedly would bring diesel engine,would result in further negative driver comfort. Hesound would not be a plus.

4 Warming

A diesel engine, a priori, is slower to start andignition by heaters is somewhat more 'laborious' thatof gas. Also usually it takes longer to reachoptimum operating temperature. Its location so exposed tothe rigors of the weather cools make better, butlow temperatures suffer more recalls how important it isheating a bikebefore starting off, even during the summer.

Dieselbike not succeeded (7)

  • Motos-Honda-CB-diesel-232D

    Engendros serial or geeks, diesel bikes like this Honda CB232D not succeed.

  • Motos-diesel-EVA-Track-T-800

    EVA Track T-800 was one of the most famous models.

  • Motos-diesel-Sommer

    Some manufacturers market street itself were launched. Here, a Sommer 1581.

  • Motos-diesel-Royal-Enfield-Taurus

    Royal Enfield dared to Taurus.

  • Motos-diesel-Enfield-Sommer-Hatz

    This Enfield Sommer Hatz has also seen the light.

  • Motos-diesel-M1030M1

    Currently, there are dieselbike working as military vehicles. Here, a M1030M1.

  • Motorcycle-diesel-HDT-JP8-Diesel

    And another 'classic' between bikes diesel: Diesel HDT JP8.

To make matters worse, this period of time would be even more uncomfortableand inappropriate for urban motorcycles, for example, whosepurpose is usually to cover in a few minutes very short distances, andeven start and stop several times. Any diesel engineage prematurely if subjected to this rhythm of life andAgain, the turbo leaving aside the possible problemsdelay or "lag in time critics- be an element thatheating and cooling due to avoid problems inmaintenance (point 5).

5 Maintenance and reviews

Maintaining a bike is what some peoplejustifies having it instead of a car; and a diesel engine asencarecería unnecessarily, being more delicate mechanical,especially if subjected to cold starts sudden, largerepeated accelerations and stops.

6 Fuel Price

For years, the difference between the price of gasoline and thediesel is not as bulky, so, in other words, eachAfter buying a diesel makes up less even when talking about cars.This 'parity' has another consequence: it has nowdo many more kilometers a year to consider an alternativediesel, and usually, the client runs a motorcycle lesskilometers with her than with his car.

So, again, the diesel bikes could only be an optionfor a very rutero use on main roads and distancesvery long.

7 Investment needed

With all this and at a time when sales arestarting to pick up with 125cc scooter asabsolute queens of the market, what manufacturers were willingto invest in the development of a moto diesel? It seems thatIt would be difficult to repay any outlay on research anddevelopment (R & D) which would aim to acomplar mechanicaldiesel to a chassis with two or three wheels.

However, throughout history, there have been brands such asSling, Yamaha, Royal Enfield that somehowso they have tried their luck in this field without success. On the other hand,Some armies have in their ranks diesel motorcycles,although very far from that would use any motoristparticularly in their daily lives.   

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