The five best driving simulators

Within video games and the genre of speed, driving simulators have a big sign. If played with a steering wheel, the feeling of driving a real car is akin to reality. Here are five of the best driving simulators in recent years.

The driving simulators They have a large number offollowing among gamers. Thanks to them,anyone can convert your living room into a circuit andFernando Alonso feel aboard a Ferrari, especiallyif it has a steering wheel as a peripheral, rather than theTypical command. No other genre is able to recreate as faithfullythe real world, so here are five of the best simulatorsof conduction who they have seen the light in the pastyears.

Microsoft presents Forza Motorsport 6 in Madrid (7)

  • Forza Motorsport 6

    Forza Motorsport 6 allowed to compete in night races.

  • Forza Motorsport 6 in Madrid

    It is presented in Madrid Forza Motorsport 6.

  • Presentation of Forza Motorsport 6 in the Jarama circuit

    Among the new Forza Motorsport 6 is the ability to play up to 24 players at once.

  • Presentation at the Jarama of Forza Motorsport 6

    The new Ford GT has been chosen as cover car Forza Motorsport 6.

  • 24 Hours solidarity with Forza Motorsport virtual test.

    24 Hours solidarity with Forza Motorsport virtual test was held.

  • Virtual teams solidarity test 24 hours with Forza Motorsport Ford.

    Two teams competed in an endurance race, each representing a project of the Foundation Juegaterapia.

  • sports cars in Forza Motorsport 6

    Forza Motorsport 6 includes up to 450 cars.

1. The best driving simulators: Forza Motorsport6

One of the best driving simulators that have comelately it is 'Forza Motorsport 6'. Between thedevelopments is the ability to play with incluyees up to 24players at once. Races with changesweather They will make you not only compete against otherscars but also against rain and its consequencesasphalt, which has simulated 3D with real physical puddles.In addition, you can also compete in night races, withthe only illumination provided by vehicle headlights orwith the blinding lights of the runway.

With more than 450 cars, 26 locations around theworld, 24 simultaneous players and incorporatingtests with rain and night, 'Forza Motorsport 6'perfectly it represents the evolution of the saga in these 10years, "said Chris Bishop, of Microsoft during the presentationvideogame.

2. The best driving simulators: Project Cars

'Project CARS' will let you know whatbe a pilot, and what it entails his career; thus,will start in karting and gradually moving up you go,passing cars or cars, up to racingresistance, where you'll find with powerful prototypesLMP1 used in Le Mans.

You can get behind the wheel of endless models of brands such asAudi,BMW,Caterham, Lotus, McLaren, Mercedes, Pagani or RUF. To giveUnleash your adrenaline have available 60real circuitsMonaco, Montmelo, Brands Hatch, Hockenheim,Imola, Mugello, Le Mans, Monza, Nurburgring, Silverstone,Spa-Francorchamps, Laguna Seca, Bathurst, Willow Springs, Suzuka,Indianapolis ... Almost any circuit known. Thisavailable for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

3. The best driving simulators: Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa It is a driving simulator for PS4,Xbox One and PC, which will be available from April. HeSet includes Career mode and allows players to create andcustomize multiplayer competitions and roads.

You can roll on tracks like Silverstone, Monza, Imola,SPA-Francorchamps, Nürburgring ... brands? BMW, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes.

Offers Driving four possibilities: Gamer, racer,pro, and OURTH fully persobalizable, bringing theplayers will enjoy driving simulations leveldifficulty they prefer.

Project CARS shows images of their 'supercars' (8)

  • Supercars in Project CARS: Pagani Zonda
  • Supercars in Project CARS: Audi R8
  • Supercars in Project CARS: Koenigsegg
  • Supercars in Project CARS: Mercedes SLS
  • Supercars in Project CARS: Pagani Huayra
  • Supercars in Project CARS: Porsche
  • Supercars in Project CARS: Porsche
  • Supercars in Project CARS: McLaren P1

4. The best driving simulators: iRacing

iRacing is a driving simulator 'online' whatwill allow you to live the experience of driving over 50 modelsin more than 70 circuits with more than 230 configurations.Nüburgring, Daytona, Monza, Indianapolis ... Whether you wanthave an adrenaline rush in Nascar, likewhat you prefer to drive a car in a FIA GP,all you need is a computer with a USB port,digital pedal and steering wheel, and a subscription ...

5. Best driving simulators DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally is a driving simulator willavailable for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 5April 2016 and promises to hit hard.

Thanks to him, you can experience the sensations of compete in arally. Offers 70 grouped into six stages rallies:Wales, Sweden, Finland, Monte Carlo, Greece, and Germany; 39Car Rally Cross stages, and several championships, leagues, modes'Online' world rankings and daily tests which exceedrecords.

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