acrylic plates: everything you need to know

acrylic plates: everything you need to know

Acrylic plates, also known as &# 039; ecomatrículas&# 039; or &# 039; Ecotags&# 039; outperform traditional metal plates at various points. Most important: they are more resistant to wear and sunlight cause shock from other cars. Its use is increasingly widespread but be careful because not all are legal.

In the ITV will have tapped by how you wear platesand neighboring bright spark He has told you that from "I already told you thatMaybe they are acrylic plates".

It annoys us to say but, this time, you're right.

Enrolling a foreign car in Spain

Not that you go for a negative results during the inspection carried tuitionin poor condition, but a car drive with a damaged number,means for erasing stains such sacrificed mosquitoes or platetwisted by the blows of other cars (especially those bearingtow ball), it is reason for you to put minor offense; theMolten same as if you carry any of the bulbs that light up theRegistration (I know this from experience). All these reasonsThey can also lead to anger some agentTraffic.

As your neighbor says the todolosabe, tuitionacrylic are a good solution to these problems; basicallywhy They are much more resistant than metal.

There are three reasons:

- The ecomatrículas (also known as Ecotags) areI made of polycarbonate undergoing treatmentresistant to the action of ultraviolet rays. you want thissay that the numbers and letters do not end up disappearingbecause of the sun.

- Its composition is flexible, so that not broken orbend because of the strokes unwittingly give themother cars when parking (especially those bearing balltrailer).

- Being plastic, acrylic plates They cleaned muchbetter than metal. In addition they have highlighted whatIt makes cleaning the remains of mosquitoes and other insectsto be immolating and covering their bodies with numberscar identification. By the way, what the neighbortodolosabe that if the number is not because of theMosquitoes take away the speeding ticket is a false mythmany surrounding radars.

To these must be added a fourth reason to defend theiruse:

- do not cut, so they are safer in cas crashwith pedestrians and cyclists.

Ojo, not all are legal

specialty stores, dealers, web pages ... Sonmany places where you can buy platesacrylic. So many that some do not meet the requirements and if notyou're careful it can happen that you take home a coupleillegal fees.

To avoid problems, make sure the squares carry aReference to the side and, above all, requested the certificatecertifies that meet the required approval by the Ministry ofIndustry.

The reference number that appears on the plate should be theit reflected on the certificate.

Where to buy acrylic plates

If you ask the car premieres concesinario get itMATRICULE with acrylic plates. Represents a cost that someCostean marks as a gift to entertain their customers.

If you do not offer this option or prefer to look outside the centerofficer, you can choose Internet. 

One of the reference sites in selling feesacrylic is ECOTAG; to them we have addressed to see howBuying online makes acrylic plates.

To request a pair of acrylic plates they will ask thefollowing documentation:

- Vehicle registration certificate, solelyhis face where personal data appears.

- ID on both sides of the person placing the order, whether ornot the owner of the vehicle.

- Proof of payment. 

Prices are free, so it is worth making asmall market study.

I can tell you that I, the dealer asked me 50euros for change by metal plates in acrylictime of registration and It sells for 10euros (24 euros if you buy the pack tuition long and shortfor Alfa Romeo models like).

Like riding yourself Ecotags

Among the 50 euros she asked the dealer and 10 eurosthat cost the Internet there is considerable difference thatYou can justify labor. Because obviously, if you opt for theonline purchase you arrive wrapped in cardboard house and you whoIt will be assembling.

To make the job easier, we have found thisvideo explaining how to mount the acrylic plates: