The 10 best cars value in 2017

Here is a selection of the 10 best cars in value of 2017. As you can see, facing this newly begun year there are such interesting options as the Hyundai i30 renewed or the successful Seat Leon. Do you dare to know them all?

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These are the top 10 cars in relation2017 value. If you are interested in changingvehicle face this year and you are looking at what car to buy, certainly among yourrequirements is to obtain an excellent relationshipprice quality. If you want to succeed in this regard, pay attentioncandidates who have below and in the gallerythat accompanies these lines where you find real optionsto consider and adapt to the different needs ofeach buyer.

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We wanted to do a sweep bydifferent segments of the car to try to findurban options, SUVs, compact, and even some SUVsmall sports car, because as you will see below, the quality andfun does not have to be at odds with the price. The carsgood value for money 2017 demonstrate andalso it makes clear that it is possible to access large and interestingproducts for the right amount. One final note onthis regard: Please note that all pricesCar accompanying ranking models do not have discounts orpromotions.

1. Peugeot 108

Fruita partnership between PSA and Toyota, the Peugeot 108It hit the market in 2014. This is a segment A model thatIt offers the versatility needed to move around urban centerswithout sacrificing the uniqueness of the different optionsCustomization with that account. The enginesSmall and efficient are the other big bet for Peugeotsmall urbanite.

Powertrains: from 69 to 82 hp

Porter: 227 liters

Price from 11,400 euros

2. i20

Turnfor Korean Hyundai i20 and renovated. HEis the first choice of B segment that I bring thisranking. Its affordable price is the highest of your bets and premieresthe new design language of the brand, which recentlywe have seen reflected in HyundaiTucson. It is offered in three different body styles and featurestrim levels differentiated equipment. All a plusconsider.

Powertrains: from 75 to 120 hp

Porter: 301-336 liters

Price from 15,150 euros

3. Skoda Fabia

Directlyfrom the bowels of the Volkswagen Group Skoda Fabia comes the ayouth and urban model that focuses on price and higheradvantage. We found it in two different bodies fiveCombi-door and wagon, waiting for the arrival of the variantRS, and has atmospheric three-cylinder turbo engine and thusas an efficient TDI diesel with 105 hp.

Powertrains: from 60 to 110 HP

Porter: from 330 to 530 liters (FabiaBus)

Price from 13,120 euros

4. Mazda2

Nowwe focus even more on the quality aspect with the Mazda2. The compactB segment of the Japanese firm shows an exterior designattractive and avant-garde leaving traditional lines. Aonly five-door body and technology SkyActivegasoline engines are the main claim. Consumption isone of its high points.

Powertrains: from 75 to 115 hp

Porter: 280 liters

Price from 13,250 euros

5. Seat Leon

Seat LeonsellerSpanish firm can not miss in a ranking of vehiclesdifferentiated by value. The new SeatLeon was recently presented in Barcelona and integratesmore technology and is a pioneer in terms of connectivity withinfotainment system with touchscreenHe inherited from his older brother, SeatAteca. It is provided with bodies 3 and 5 doors and afamily. There is no shortage of interesting variations Cupra, withits 300 hp and the possibility of mounting four-wheel drive,They are true sports.

Powertrains: from 110 to 300 hp

Porter: from 380 to 587 liters

Price from 18,080 euros

6. Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30

With its recent and comprehensive renovation, theHyundai i30 is one of the bets moreInteresting C-segment compact car, the best-sellingin Spain. It is a solid product which convincesappearance, quality and performance. It has been designed, developedand tested in Europe, which is also manufactured. Consumption andCO2 emissions start from 3.4 l / 100km and 89g / km, figuresthat they are among the best in its class. Of course, keepmind that access versions, both diesel and gasoline,They will not go on sale until the second trimetre 2017. 

Powertrains: from 95 to 140 hp

Porter: 395 liters

Price from 20,500 euros

7. Kia Cee'd

Otherundergoing restyled midcycle. The Kia cee'd sharesplatform with Hyundai i30 and now debuts highest levelequipment, mechanical Euro6 and an interesting optionthree-cylinder gasoline turbo 100 hp which is all a groundbreakingin terms of consumption is concerned. Like the i30, we have threedifferent bodies and high-performance variant 204CV. Kia promotional discounts will be the key for youdecant the cee'd.

Powertrains: from 90 to 204 hp

Porter: from 380 to 528 liters

Price from 17,600 euros.

8. Seat Toledo

Istrue that has lasted three years on the market, but the Seat ToledoIt is a unique model in its segment. It combines interior versatility,a huge trunk and striking price is unbeatabledirect. If yours are compact sedans, the Toledo is yourtrump card, a car for parents who deny the SUVand minivans, but at the same time they want a carcapable at the best price possible.

Powertrains: from 90 to 125 hp

Porter: 550 liters

Price from 16,860 euros

9. Juke

Oneof the best B-SUV market. Since the Nissan Juke hit the marketA few years ago, its design has remained fresh and bold and hasNissan's bid was for a segment that, by then, noHe had no market share. It has versionsefficient diesel and petrol turbo and optionsa variant signed by Nismo. What else would you ask a crossovercompact?

Powertrains: from 90 to 218 hp

Porter: from 354 liters

Price from 16,700 euros

10. Mazda MX-5

YIt comes the turn of the sports that I promised at the beginning. You're aenthusiast feelings but do not want to pay a priceexorbitantly for them? The Mazda MX-5 isBetter option. The fourth generation of the popular roadster shownwith the same DNA forever. A light weight, dimensionscompact, naturally aspirated gasoline engines attached to a boxmanual transmission and rear-wheel drive. As if this were notenough, we found the price. require rivalsa double amount of money to acquire them. And nowYou can also opt for retractable hardtop variant, thenew Mazda MX-5 RF.

Powertrains: from 131 to 160 hp

Boot: 130 liters

Price from 25,000 euros

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