The codes are in the driving license means

The codes are in the driving license means

If you wear glasses, on the back of your permission you will carry numbering 01.01. This is the most common codes appearing in the driving license but there are many more. From which they indicate that the car should wear the adapted clutch (15) to which indicates that the driver can not carry passengers (05.03). What code is in the driving license mean?

Maybe yours does not appear or perhaps none other and have severalcodes on the back of the driving license. Heexample 01 is extended or, what is the same, the numberingwith which the DGT identifies driversthey need glasses or contact lenses to drive. 

The numbers appearing in the driving license arestandardized observations (Identical for all countriesEU) reflecting the limitations and adaptations affectingboth the driver and the vehicle must carry. They are allcollected by Directive 2006/126 / EC and are also included inhe Regulations on Drivers.

Tips to get you out driving license (5)

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Here we review some of the codes, moreoften they appear driving license. 

Limitations that affect the driver

01. Correction and vision protection:

       01.02. mandatory use of lens orcontact lenses.

       01.06. Mandatory use of glasses orcontact lenses.

All about courses to regain driving license

02. Hearing aid.

03. Prosthesis locomotor.

05. Driving subject to restrictions for medical reasons:

       05.03. Driving without passengers

       05.07. not permitted drivingfreeway

       05.08. Alcohol exclusion

105. Maximum speed limited by administrative cases:

       105.1: 70 km / h

       105.2: 80 km / h

       105.3: 90 km / h

       105.4: 100 km / h

Vehicle Adaptations

10. Transmission adapted

15. Clutch adapted

20. Braking mechanisms adapted.

25. Mechanisms accelerator systems.

35. Modified control layouts.

40. Address adapted.

42. mirrors adapted:

      42.01. outer side mirror

      42.04. panoramic view mirror

      42.05. Rearview to avoid pointblind

43. Driver seat adapted:

      43.06. Seatbeltsadapted

      43.07. Four holding beltpoints.

44. Adaptations motorcycle:

       44.01. Brake single command

       44.08. Seat height adjustedallowing the driver to reach the ground with both feet inpisición sitting.

administrative specifications

70. Exchange of license

71. Duplicate of license

Not beyond a radius of 10 kilometers or alcohol limit0.0

In addition to the above, there are other codes that limitdriver activity but are not as frequent. Some ofthe most striking are these:

- Limited traffic routes or kilometers (05.02). TheDGT may allowa driver drives and, at the same time prohibit itdo on motorways. There are cases in which it limits themovement within a certain radius of kilometers; This is usuallyapply to elderly people who use the car forshort and movement patterns but have the facultiesdepleted for longer trips.

- Alcohol 0.0 (05.08). This limitation is common indrivers who have shown a drinking problem.

Do in a breathalyser test (6)

  • Civil Guard Control

    The first thing you should know: If the Civil Guard gives you the highest for. And if not, do not stop

  • new nozzle sterilized

    To submit to the breathalyser test should provide you with a new nozzle sterilized

  • follow signs to the agent at all times

    You are obliged to follow the instructions of the agent at all times

  • repeat the test in the van

    If tested positive, albeit below the limit, repeat the test in the van

  • alcohol test

    Test equipment alcholemia there in the van is more accurate and can count as proof load

  • Civil Guard also will make you go through the drug test

    Should not give 0.0, the Civil Guard also will make you go through the drug test

- code 200. When there is a medical problem that is notIt can be collected by any previous numbering laas200. This code is written down forces always take along to Traveldriving a medical report specifying the causes oflimitation and its consequences.

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