fixed and mobile speed cameras in Las Palmas 2017: Full list

fixed and mobile speed cameras in Las Palmas 2017: Full list

Full list the location of fixed and mobile radars on the roads of the province of Las Palmas in 2017.

Here is the list of fixed and mobile radars that the DGT has inLas Palmas. The data are updated on 7 April2017.

If you go on vacation we recommend you check the listcomplete with the locations of these cinemometers byroads of our country.

If you travel you are spending by province ThePalmas or you live in it, followingwe present the location of road sections where they areinstalled these controls speed. We indicate the roadwhere they have been installed, kilometer and senseincreasing or decreasing for all radars in Las Palmas de GranCanaria in 2017.

HighwayProvinceKindPK Home - endSense
FV-1Palms,radar Mobile0.500 - 27.85Both of them
FV-2Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 23.31Both of them
FV-2Palms,Fixed radar0.574Growing
FV-2Palms,Fixed radar1,285Decreasing
FV-2Palms,radar Mobile23,310 - 39.23Both of them
FV-2Palms,radar Mobile45,340 - 73.46Both of them
FV-2Palms,radar Mobile73,450 - 82.4Both of them
FV-2Palms,radar Mobile82,400 - 91.5Both of them
FV-3Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 2.24Both of them
FV-3Palms,radar Mobile4.490 - 7.14Both of them
VF-10Palms,radar Mobile6,450 - 22.61Both of them
FV-20Palms,radar Mobile2,260 - 20.36Both of them
FV-20Palms,radar Mobile21,460 - 26.21Both of them
FV-56Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 4.97Both of them
GC-1Palms,Fixed radar5,350Decreasing
GC-1Palms,Fixed radar15,100Growing
GC-1Palms,Fixed radar15,300Decreasing
GC-1Palms,Fixed radar42203Growing
GC-1Palms,Fixed radar56654Decreasing
GC-3Palms,Fixed radar1,500Decreasing
GC-3Palms,Fixed radar4,660Growing
GC-20Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 3.82Both of them
GC-21Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 38.77Both of them
GC-41Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 21.6Both of them
GC-43Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 10.64Both of them
GC-100Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 31.7Both of them
GC-110Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 6.58Both of them
GC-140Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 4.2Both of them
GC-189Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 2.08Both of them
GC-191Palms,radar Mobile0680 - 11.99Both of them
GC-300Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 12.1Both of them
GC500Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 27.28Both of them
GC-505Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 22.02Both of them
LZ-1Palms,radar Mobile3,790 - 10.48Both of them
LZ-2Palms,Fixed radar1,215Decreasing
LZ-2Palms,Fixed radar1,280Growing
LZ-2Palms,radar Mobile9,500 - 36.75Both of them
LZ-30Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 23.3Both of them
LZ-409Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 3.53Both of them
LZ-410Palms,radar Mobile0,000 - 5.78Both of them
LZ-701Palms,radar Mobile3,820 - 12.02Both of them

We leave you with the following video about false mythsThey exist on the radar. Do not miss it!

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