BMW 1 Series sedan: the spy photos M Performance version

The BMW 1 Series sedan has been caught several times, even rolling in Nürburgring, but has now been caught wearing her outfit M Performance, which will be called M135i sedan. Initially, the model would be launched only for the Chinese market, although the mark may extend to other markets. It will debut in November, during the Hall of Guangzhou.

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Do not miss any new imagesof the BMW 1 Series sedan, filtered by the webChinese Autohome (click here to see them). The saloon debut induring November Salon Guangzhou, but thanks tothese photographs can know in advance what their rear,which so far was a mystery, while thanks to thephotos of the kids, Now we know that alsowill feature M Performance version, named M135isedan.

However, it is not the first time we see the1 Series sedan; the prototype tests using BMWdevelop this model we have seen in numerousoccasions. First rolling on the Nürburgring, in aimages you can see in the video that you have below. After,We had occasion to contemplate its interior thanks to thesespy photos, with which it became clear that hisinterior will be very similar to the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer andthe BMW X1.

Shortly thereafter, the first1 Series sedan render us how it could be unveiled imagedefinitive model and now have come new snapshotswhich it appears one of the prototypes development with littleCamouflage on your body, you can see this link. But do notillusions, officially the brand has said that the series 1sedan It will only be available in China, although there are meansindicating that it could also reach other markets.

BMW 1 Series 2015 (8)

  • BMW 1 Series front

    BMW has updated the Series 1 was launched in 2011.

  • BMW side series 1

    The new BMW 1 Series offers a more sporty and striking than the previous model image.

  • BMW 1 Series kidneys

    Typical BMW kidney premiered a new design in January 2015 Series.

  • BMW 1 Series front

    Also it debuts new bumpers and headlights with a more sporty look.

  • BMW side series 1

    These changes are available for both versions of five or three-door BMW 1 Series.

  • BMW 1 rear

    The rear lights of the BMW shaped January 2015 "L".

  • BMW 1 indoor sport m

    Finishing M Sport BMW 1 Series has a very sporty look.

  • BMW inside one urban

    While finishing the series in January 2015 Urban bet for elegance.

This model, which hit the market in thefirst half of 2017 was anticipated with the prototype BMW Compact Sedan Concept, which debuted inChina late last year. It is BMW's answer tothe Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes CLA, the two saloons theirmain rivals are based on their respective modelsthe premium compact segment.

The novelty of this new BMW1 Series Sedan It is which is the second drive modelfront of the brand after BMW 2 Series Active Tourer andits seven-seat variant, the 1 Series Gran Tourer.Apparently, will have diesel and gasoline engines and threefour-cylinder, and the most powerful options will be offered withxDrive. As for the transmission, we will see a changesix-speed manual and optional one, the Steptronic, eightspeeds.

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Therefore, it seems that thefuture Series 1 saloon will use the UKL platformwho already use other models of the brand. What does this mean? WellAs you know, this modular platform, which at the time waspremiered by the latest generation of the Mini,It is suitable for vehicles with front or all-wheel drive, sodo not expect it to be a sedan which manufactures propulsionusually the mark.

Presented the BMW 1 Series Coupe, but will only be availablein China, for now

Finally presents the BMW 1 SeriesSedan, the first compact sedan brand. this alternativeGerman house has been created exclusively for marketChinese, being the country where they are sold only at leastAt the moment, as it is expected to arrive in the near future toEuropean market. In this region these vehicles are verypopular, and the company of the blades did not want to loseopportunity to launch a choice of these features.

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While the BMW 1 Series Sedan is inspired by theconcept presented by the brand last year in GuangzhouMotor Show, ahead event where the arrival of this release.But yes, the BMW Compact Sedan Concept, the prototypepresented then, it was much more attractive than the modelwe illustrating these lines. A version that we really haveleft something cold.

This newGerman manufacturer model has been developed by BMWBrilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA). In its development phase,this sedan has taken special care to respond to the tastes ofChinese customers completing their probationary period almostexclusive in China. A limitation that would otherwiseimpossible to carry out.

The brand stillhas not provided all the data, we not even have photosenough officers to give a conclusive opinion. What ifwe have clear is that the BMW 1 Series Sedan lacks personality,It is a mixture of Series 1 and Series 3, with a front of lineswhich has more influence soft compact of the house and a3 Series body in miniature.

BMW Compact Sedan Concept: All Photos (14)

  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept front
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept Side
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept rear
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept front
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept rear
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept rear
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept front
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept Side
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept rear
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept Interior
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept I dash
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept drawing
  • BMW Compact Sedan Concept design

As we say your goalIt is China, and China alone, at least for now. And is that if it were toEurope should get a lot batteries to get cutin its segment. We have little doubt that in our country,products as elaborate as the CLA Mercedes and Audi A3Sedan had a chance. Although you, what do you think?Do you think you have a future?

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