Velantur Concept, the first luxury sports car made in Spain

Velantur Concept, the first luxury sports car made in Spain

It is expected that the Velantur Concept, the first electric luxury sports &# 039, made in Spain&# 039 ;, it goes on sale in 2017. It measures four meters long, has range of 400 kilometers, 180 hp and is capable of 0-100 km / h in less than eight seconds. The first version will have three doors and 2 + 2 configuration.

If you see passing a car like opening these lines, you haveI have been lucky enough to bump into one of the Velantur Conceptalready circulating in testing on Spanish roads. Hewill be the first electric luxury sports' made inSpain ' hastens works fine tuning before hismarket launch, scheduled for 2017.

The Velantur Sports Concept is a plug four meterslong with capacity for four passengers traveling in2 + 2 configuration.

It moves through a system of lithium-ion batteries thatThey give power to a close 180 hp and raise theirlevel performance vehicles with combustion engines.Suffice a figure as an example: Concept reaches Velantur 100km / h from standstill in less than eight seconds.

Securing your electric car for 100 euros

As for the aesthetics of which they have christened the firstSpanish luxury electric sports car, its creators define theirdesign and based on the 'Art Tech', that is, a symbiosis betweentraditional crafts and technology. The latter is presentalso inside where the driver will be at your fingertipsdigital information screens and lots of gadgtesthat enhance the driving experience of Velantur Concept.Lamechanical plug VelanturIt has autonomy to travel 400 kilometers and two charging modes:It enables rapid filling capacity in 30 minutes.

In anticipation of the launch, Velantur has prepared thisvideo:

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