The Skoda Superb 2015 shown in Geneva

The Skoda Superb has 2015 gala at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. The new flagship of the Czech brand comes with a new design, more interior space, more efficient mechanical and technologies that are committed to connectivity. It hit the market in June 2015.

That he Skoda Superb 2015 It is the new flagship issomething that the brand made it clear in a spectacular presentationwhich it took place in Prague. As Winfried Vahland emphasized,Chairman of the Board: "This vehicle marks thebeginning of a new era for Skoda ". Therefore, it has retakenrole during the Geneva Motor Show2015.

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The third-generation Skoda Superb It comes as "Skoda best of all time ". It will be available fromJune 2015 with four finishes (Active, Ambition, Style and Laurin& Klement) and five engines TSI petrol (from 125 to 280 hp)three TDI diesel common rail (120 to 190 hp).

His most prominent signs of identity, a new design,new safety systems, engines more efficient and moreconnectivity. Aesthetically, the saloon adopted linesSkoda prototype designVisionC. In the front stand, especially the wide grilleand optical groups. The side bet by the dynamism, whilethe rear lights with LED display and characteristic formC.

A more spacious and comfortable interior

The new Skoda Superb gets longer, width and height 28, 47 and 6mm, respectively). It also has a greater distance betweenaxis (80 extra mm) and a cantilevered front shorter (61 mmless) that lead to a more spacious and comfortable interior. Hedriver and passenger now have more width 39 mmfor the elbows and head room. Behind, spaceleg reaches 157mm without doubt a benchmarkwithin its segment-, and the upper space reaches 980 m;Also, the width to elbows in the rear seats hasincreased by 69 mm. Finally, the trunk also augmentedits capacity to 625 liters -30 more than hisPredecessor and 1760 with the seats folded.

Skoda Superb 2015: more equipment and connectivity

The new Superb becomes the first model of the markIt has DCC adaptive suspension, including multimodeDriving (standard, sport or comfort). Other optionsare available the Trizone climate control, electric sunroof orthe new electrical tailgate opening functionautomatic (activated by passing the foot under the bumper).The new-generation parking assistant Park Assist andrear view camera -the first equip- are other aspects thatoutstanding.

Connectivity is one of the biggest bets of Skoda Superb2015, which includes four new systemsinfotainment based technology platformModular (MIB) Volkswagen Group. The high end systemColumbus has the option to access high-speed internetintegrated, and it is the first time offered a modelCzech brand. Another novelty of this sedan Skoda is that now canconnect to a smartphone and several apps can be controlledfrom the Infotainment system. The Smartlink interface,developed by Skoda, includes MirrorLink, carplay Apple and AndroidAuto: allows some vehicle data accessible fromsmartphone applications. Finally, the new app SkodaMedia Command allows, for the first time, remotely control theInfotainment system from the rear seats.

Plus Simply Clever never

True to the philosophy Simple Clever brand, the SuperbIt claims to be "the smartest Skoda of all time".It has 29 solutions -23 of them are new and 10 completelynovel in brand- that promise to make life easier for thedriver and passengers. Among the newest they are:a manually retractable tow, a support fortablet on the back, a magazine for the tablet in theJumbo Box on the front, a USB port and plug 230 Vat the back, an opening for a 0.5 liter bottle andan additional storage media in the four doorsthe reflective vest.

more efficient engines

Mechanically, the Czech sedan promises fuel consumption andemissions by up to 30% lower. It will be available with enginesMQB-based direct injection technology (Five TSIpetrol and three diesel TDI common-rail). They all meet theEU6 emissions standards and incorporate technology standardstop-start system and energy recovery frombraking. Gasoline engines delivering from 125 to 280Hp, while the diesel range from 120 to 190 hp. TOexcept motor entrance to the petrol range, allthrusters are available with dual-clutch transmission.Four of them (the 1.4 TSI 150 and 280 hp 2.0 TDI and 150 and190 hp) are available with the latest technology drivefour-wheel drive based on the Haldex clutch 5. 

Safer than ever

The new Skoda Superb bet more than ever for securityits third generation: ESC with brake multicolisión included FrontAssist with City Emergency Brake function, electronic controltire pressure, seven airbags, side airbagsoptional rear, XDS + and better lock functionelectronic differential.

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The speed limiter is available from standardAmbition finish. Optionally already exists the option to includevarious assistance systems: adaptive cruise control (ACC),Crew Protect Assist (prepares the driver and passenger before aimminent collision), Lane Assist (lane assistant); Traffic JamAssist (back into the model and brand), which increases safetyand comfort in withholdings and slow traffic; and Emergency Assist,intervenes if the driver can not drive andthe car completely.

For its part, the Blind Spot Detect system helps the driverlane changes, detecting vehicles that may havein the blind part of his vision. A basic component of thisRear system is the Traffic Alert function, which appears for the firstOnce the model and brand. For its part, the Driver Alert(Fatigue detector) detects driver fatigue whilethe Travel Assist with Traffic Sign Recognition, availableSuperb first time in the continually reports signalstraffic.

Finally, lighting systems have also been improvedto increase security at night. Thus, the lightsfront have halogen technology or bi-xenon lampThey include the AFS function and daytime running lights LED type. Optionally, theextent of the beam can be electronically controlledthrough the Light Assist functions or advanced Smart LightAssist.

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