Long live the depreciation! Ferrari F355 at a price of Audi A3

Long live the depreciation! Ferrari F355 at a price of Audi A3

The depreciation depending cars can be really attractive. One of the best examples is the Ferrari F355, a model that arouses the admiration of many thanks to its sleek and elegant lines combined with a wonderful 390 hp V8 engine capable of putting the willies to anyone. For less than 50,000 euros you can do with one of these, the same thing can cost an Audi A3 with extras or BMW 5 Series diesel peeled. Tempting least, do not you think?

I would say that Ferrari90s are those who have aged better. Why? Theirlines are clean and classic, elegant, without fanfareaesthetic and therefore timeless. Some sample Ferraristhat time are the Ferrari 550 Maranello or the protagonist of thisArticle: Ferrari F355. The 'bis-grandfather' currentFerrari 458 Italia has been losingprice and depreciation It has caused marketSpanish units can be found for less than 50,000 euros.But if you decide to buy it in the US, you can gofor just over 30,000 euros What a bargain!

If this is the eBay listing where it sellsFerrari F355 Spider for 33,500 euros. In Spain this model issomething more valued, because fewer unitsavailable. But in any case, it strikes me as one of thebest choices if you want a purebred sports services!and why not, as a possible investment in the medium or long term. ThatYes, if you want to use that do not need too and thepitched sound emitting its quad exhaust outlet should behave nerves of steel to not take a walk with him everySunday:

It is also true that these vehicles there are not onlybuy, also must be kept and that is where requireda current account more solvent. Another factor against asgood Italian sports is that reliability is notmost remarkable feature of this Ferrari. But if you likecars, already have one to move daily and have enoughthe current account balance to treat yourself, the FerrariF355 is one of the most interesting options marketsports secondhand.

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