Skoda Kodiaq plug-in hybrid: 2019 confirmed

Skoda Kodiaq plug-in hybrid: 2019 confirmed

The Skoda Kodiaq plug-in hybrid has been confirmed for 2019 by the head of the company, Bernhard Maier. The Chinese market is chosen for release and soon reach the European. You could mount the same propulsion system that Volkswagen Golf GTE, although there is still nothing official.

Three years it is what will have to wait for the arrival ofSkoda Kodiaq hybrid plug, which it has been confirmed2019 by the head of Skoda, Bernhard Maier.China will be the first place where land and little later itmade in Europe, according to reports from AutoExpress.

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"we will have a Skoda hybrid Kodiaq Soon afterof the Superb hybrid. First is China, because it is the marketbigger, but Europe will follow soon after"Says Maier.

So Kodiaq Skoda motor sounds, come on now arriving!

It is true that his arrival in 2019 is seen as something distant, butthere is an explanation for this, as Maier explains: "Aswe have said before, we have that bring immediately allSkoda technology group. We can afford to wait. Whatis really important is that our current productsremain popular in traditional markets. 2019 is agood date to launch a plug-in hybrid".

Skoda has not revealed anything officially on the systemHybrid propulsion ride Kodiaq (You can read theSkoda Kodiaq test), but allIt suggests that it could deploy it the Volkswagen Passat with GTESuperb: engine TSI petrol turbo 1.4-liter with 156 hpby a 115 hp electric block

Test Volkswagen Passat GTE (17)

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    The GTE is a really comfortable car for trips

  • Volkswagen Passat front GTE

    The Volkswagen Passat GTE comes standard with LED headlights and daytime running lights a particular range

  • Volkswagen Passat GTE recharge

    100% electric mode, the Volkswagen Passat GTE comes to travel up to 50 km

  • Volkswagen Passat GTE head-up display

    The head-up display is one of the innovations of the Volkswagen Passat GTE

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    One of the distinguishing anagrams outside the Volkswagen Passat GTE

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    Next to change is the mode dial that allows you to go electric

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    The Passat GTE will arrive in 2016 while its version Variant

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    The Passat GTE homologated consumption is only 1.6 l / 100 km

  • GTE seats fold 40:20:40

    GTE seats fold into 40:20:40 to make the background almost flat

  • electric motor and gasoline GTE

    The electric motor and the gasoline GTE function as a well Stepped unit

  • Passat GTE

    Volkswagen has included almost all of its equipment on the Passat GTE

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    The second row seats offer plenty of space for two occupants, the third is almost equally comfortable

  • vw passat gte

    Passat GTE connectivity supports Android Auto and Apple carplay

  • vw passat gte

    Volkswagen decided to place on the front electric charging port

In the case of the Passat GTE, power is sent to the wheelsfront through a DSG six-speed transmission, theallowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds and reacha top speed of 225 km / h. As for autonomy,saloon may circulate 50 km mode completelyelectric, while the combustion enginegeneral operating autonomy amounts to 1,060 km. 

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