iCoyote v10: the app that warns you of fixed speed cameras and mobile

iCoyote v10: the app that warns you of fixed speed cameras and mobile

At Mobile World Congress, the words app and applications for your mobile are constantly on everyone's lips. Coyote has chosen the Catalan appointment to show the benefits of its new app: iCoyote v10.

iCoyote v10 is the Coyote new app that sayswith a series of innovations that surely all usersThey will receive willingly. Available for both Android andiOS, iCoyote v10 revolutionizes the sector offering the possibility ofhave the same information as the newradar warning devices in real time Coyote. Yes, everythinggood has a price and then hide that section newsperhaps they not like so much.

Photo: The new devices for drivers Coyote (4)

  • coyote new devices

    New devices for drivers Coyote.

  • mini coyote integrated dashboard

    Mini Coyote: designed to be integrated discreetly into the dashboard.

  • coyote s cutting edge technology

    Coyote S: at the forefront of technology.

  • 2x1 coyote nav device

    Coyote Nav: 2x1 device.

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The Coyote new application improves their appearance,optimizing the information displayed for now clearer andaccurate. Once a route selected, this APP allows youobserve it in a diagram you mark any incidents thatyou'll find, you can modify the route in real time beforean unexpected traffic jam or any other abnormality in traffic.

Now the warning radars and the entire universeReal-time communication is only available Coyotein the premium version. I explain: download the app Coyote iscompletely free, but once done, you can opt for aFree version or another payment. The first includes the elementsbasic navigation and traffic information, as well as limitsspeed and other information.

The premium version adds the familiar warning systemradar and real-time information sharing with otherusers. New users of the premium version mayenjoy the same benefits as the Coyote usersdevices use the brand at a lower monthly price.If you are a new user, you'll enjoy the first 15 dayscompletely free (up to six months if you are a user andregistered). The monthly fee is the same as the rest ofCoyote users (11,99 euros per month) but if you opt for aor for 24 months annual rate, the lowest figure considerably (4,16euros per month and 3.75 euros per month respectively).

I am sure that this measure can not possibly sit allWhile current users of the brand, which had ansimilar service completely free, although compared to whatyou can save by fines and time in traffic jams, perhaps not soexpensive ... or so they say from Coyote! Ah, also supportswith smart watches and even systemsLink connectivity including Mirror.

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