Opel Meriva 2016: first spy photos

Opel Meriva 2016: first spy photos

The next generation Opel Meriva is already in development, and we have the first spy pictures that confirm their arrival. Though heavily camouflaged appears we can see that the design is inspired. Opel has not revealed details about Meriva 2016.

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The new generation Opel compact van is alreadyon the way, and here are the first spy photos confirm theirdevelopment. Although the test model is heavily camouflaged,we can see that your body is now bigger and taller thanthe current version, confirming that is inspired by acrossover in order to improve market presenceof family vehicles. 

Given this premise, the Opel Meriva 2016You may share components with the Opel Mokka, SUV B segment signatureRüsselsheim. A larger grille flanked by headlightsSharp us while this is totally visiblegeneration lost the reverse opening rear doors(Suicide) that differentiated the Meriva its competencedirect.

Meriva 2014 (10)

  • Opel Meriva 2014 front

    The Opel Meriva 2014 will go on sale in January next year.

  • Opel Meriva 2014 front

    The 2014 Opel Meriva offers a more sporty and striking aesthetics.

  • Meriva 2014 side

    Opel Meriva prices 2014 Spain November will be released.

  • Opel Meriva doors 2014

    The door system facilitates access to the rear seats.

  • Opel Meriva 2014 drivers

    Rear lights use LED technology.

  • Opel Meriva 2014 back

    Opel Meriva lag behind 2014 also debuts new aesthetic.

  • Opel Meriva 2014 engine

    The new 1.6-liter diesel engine is 136 hp.

  • Opel Meriva 2014 engine

    The Opel Meriva 2014 also debuts a new gasoline engine 120 and 140 hp.

  • Inside Opel Meriva 2014

    Inside the Opel Meriva 2014 has been updated.

  • Opel Meriva 2014 browser

    The most important innovation is the new navigation system voice control.

Other details confirm that the new Meriva It will be releasedin late 2016 and a platform mounted from the PSA groupPeugeot-Citroen. It will be manufactured in Spain, plantFigueruelas (Zaragoza), and will propellants from theFrench automaker.

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