Opel Insignia 2017, so outside and inside

Want to know all the details of Opel Insignia 2017? In this video we analyze it outside and inside so there is no doubt nothing! It is an impressive and attractive model with sharper lines and a more sporty style ... Press play, look at our analysis and judge for yourself.

You want to know if this Opel Insignia 2017 we'rebefore breaking another model from Opel? In this video you whatwe.

We analyze the newInsignia outside and inside so you do not stayno doubt.

Outwardly, you will see quickly that it is a stunning model andattractive. Forget rounded lines and are now moremarked.

His style is clearly sportier and, for example, sports asleeker front with headlight technology LEDMatrix.

Inside it will be more refined than hitherto and will be betterequipped. Want to know how?

Press play and see how it changes ...

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