A sale of the 77 Aston Martin One-77 manufactured

A sale of the 77 Aston Martin One-77 manufactured

Goes on sale one of the 77 Aston Martin One-77 made a copy with chassis number 67 that has traveled 1,835 kilometers just since it was released in April 2011 by its original owner. Yes, its selling price puts virtually level with the most powerful and exclusive Aston Martin Vulcan yet.

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A German dealership just put tosale one of the 77 Aston Martin One-77 manufactured, a unitone of the most exclusive superderpotivos of so farcentury. This spectacular Aston Martin model was introduced for the first timeMarch 3, 2009 during the celebration of the Geneva Motor Show, where it was unveiled beforethe public as more expensive the car, powerful, fast and exclusiveever manufactured by Gaydon.

In fact, the Aston Martin One-77still retains those titles since, although later thefirm has launched another even more powerful and exclusive model,Aston Martin Vulcan, the truth isthe latter is a car created exclusively forcircuit, not a production vehicle suitable for public roads.So if you want to get a copy of Aston Street morewild of all time, you know you can now purchasethe copy that you can see here.

The Aston Martin One-77, video

East Aston Martin One-77 is insale luce chassis number 67 (of 77 possible) and fromwhich it was released in April 2011 by its original owner, soIt has only 1,835 kilometers journey. A pity for him, because justwill be able to enjoy the brutal thrust and the glorious sound7.3 V12 engine produces, with its 760 horsepower, it is one ofpropellersmost powerful of all time atmospheric. this mechanicalis associated, as all One-77, an automatic changesends power only to the rear tires.

The bad thing about East One-77Do you sell is its price, as dangerously approaching thefigures that have reached the few AstonMartin Vulcan who have gone on sale. They ordered 2.96million euros, an amount that far exceeds the margin1.2 million pounds that cost when the original ownerHe bought in 2011 and is perhaps too close to the maximum priceI had another Vulcan estimated that was auctioned last weekand ultimately it did not sell.

7 trivia about the Aston Martin Vulcan not know (14)

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-program-one-77r

    Aston Martin Vulcan born from the 'One-77R' program that never come to light.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-program-one-77r-2

    For this reason, the uses Vulcan carbon fiber chassis and suspension system of the Aston Martin One-77.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-one-77-recarrozado

    Although, even if this is so, the Aston Martin Vulcan is much more than a One-77 recarrozado.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-one-77-recarrozado-2

    It incorporates important new level of suspensions and chassis and is much lighter (1,300 kg versus 1,629 kg).

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-load-aerodynamics

    The Vulcan is able to generate more downforce than a GT3 and offers better power / weight ratio than a GTE.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-load-aerodynamic-2

    At maximum speed (more than 322 km / h) is capable of generating 1,362 kg of downforce ...

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-driving

    Despite its spectacular figures, Audi engineers have ensured that anyone can drive it.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-drive-2

    Hence three levels available selectable performance, one with 550 hp, 650 hp other and finally maximum power.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-gaydon

    Unlike the other models in the range of Aston Martin, the Vulcan will not be built at Gaydon (UK).

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-gaydon-2

    I will join the 'Q Advanced Engineering' division located in Wellesbourne, about 12 km from Gaydon.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-compete

    Although it not designed to compete in official races, will probably take the exit in some test.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-racing-2

    And apparently, some of the 24 future owners of Vulcan have expressed their desire to use in competition.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-contest-chic

    Although the Aston Martin Vulcan is a vehicle circuit, everything has been taken care of to the smallest detail.

  • curiosities- Aston Martin Vulcan-contest-chic-2

    The idea of ​​the brand was to offer a race car capable of dazzling in elegance contests.

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