Mercedes A45 AMG: 54,750 euros for

Mercedes A45 AMG version &# 039; hipermusculada&# 039; its compact renovated, is all-wheel drive, develops 360 hp and 450 Nm of torque and can accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than 5 seconds. Its price? The level of future Audi S3 ...

He Mercedes A45 AMG It is about to moveon our roads with two liters of four cylinderI turboalimantado. A moment: an AMG engine with only fourcylinders? You are right. But hey, we know that sports subsidiaryGerman firm always does things in a big way and this time,may seem an exception, they have also made; since it is theits most powerful engine guy in the world.

The specific power of this engine is 181 hp per liter,which means that full power is nothing less than 360Hp and 450 Nm of torque. This is achieved mainlythanks to a twin-turbo capable of blowing 1.8 bar;an outrage that also generates a lot of heat, so alsoto take several radiators in the front, use an intercoolerAir-water (typical radiator for collecting outside aircooling the hot passing inside). Incidentally,engine is still manufactured under the same philosophy as the restblock out of AMG signed with a plate which supports thetechnique "a motor, a man". Thanks to this strongfigures, Mercedes A 45 AMG Get a performance yetno less striking: 4.6 seconds to complete the 0-100km / h and a maximum speed self-limited 250 km / h. but whatbetter are the official figures of consumption, since it only needs6.9 l / 100 km with emissions of 161 g / km.

First things first: to transmit all the powerMercedes A45 AMG down transmission is responsibleAWD 4MATIC, which is 25% lighter than systemscompetition and, under normal conditions, it sends all torque tofront axle, even in situations of need you can reach50-50 maximum distribution between the axles. This clutch systemmulti-disk is placed under the rear axle (very similar toHaldex), only this time the hydraulic pump isconstantly in operation to cut its timeresponse and to compensate for excess heat again thisIt produces, uses its own cooling system basedoil and water.

ESP, of course, you are there to try to keep under controlall that 'anger'. It will help improve traced by brakingIndividual and selective each wheel, stopping inside andIt will act as the electronic limited slip rear axle. Apart fromSo it has three positions: by tapping the button,automatically switches to 'Handling' mode, delaying theintervention of electronics, allowing lightincreasing landslides and slightly more torque load on therear axle, so it favors driving slightlysports and, holding it (good news for moreends) all controls will completely free path forcan do 'pranks' to taste.

Between these two agents: the drive and the drive system,It is the gearbox 'AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT' doubleclutch seven relationships with three different modesoperation and a specific function controlAcceleration from standstill. In addition, this gearbox Mercedes Class A sportieraccount the 'Momentary M Mode' function, thanks to which you canactivate the manual shift your gears at all times and beRegardless of the mode in which you are, just by pressing one ofpaddles located behind the steering wheel.

Of course, all these changes require reinforcements in each andeach of the systems Mercedes A45 AMG, Besides ofthat all this tremendous heat generated. Therefore, the arms of thesuspension and bearings have had to see strengthened toadapt to the shocks that generate their new power and newtarados of its springs and dampers. For its part, the barstabilizer has also been recalibrated and theservodireccción its electromechanical steering ratio, nowIt is constant to provide better touch. The brake discsgrown to 350 and 320 mm in the front and rear axlesrespectively. Also it happens to their 'shoes', which are now235/35 R19 on all four wheels.

Mercedes has published datelaunch and price, so if you are interested in this compact'Ultrasupervitaminado' and need to warm things up: comein June and will cost 54,750 euros... A bill mayraise the roof with endless options that surelywill offer.

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