‘Chaletazos’ on wheels million: motorhomes USA

Have more than 13 meters long, power reaching 600 hp and contain authentic mansions. American motorhomes are out in every way.

More than nine million square kilometers and 50 states.Welcome to the land of infinite possibilities, United States,with incredible and countless corners to discover. And is thatplantearte a trip, for example, from Seattle to Texas is not likeBarcelona do Huelva. And what better vehicle to doone of these gigantic American motorhomes,authentic rolling beasts equipped with all kinds ofamenities.

Have they come forward? We tell you how to turn your car into amobile home

There Distances aremultiply and, therefore, nothing better than to take the house on his back.Literally. Because motorhomes you can see in thegallery are not, as we are used to small cubiclesimprovised as summer homes where sufferingstraits. Here we talk about real houses, with two and threereal rooms, real kitchen, living really fourbathroom really ... And all with maximum luxury, which limitExtravagance only depends on the buyer's wallet. Formove like moles they lack powerful engines, and hereAmericans also play a big way: the offer is usually betweendiesel engines ranging from 8 to 15 liters, with powerbetween 350 and 600 hp. 

Speaking of buyers: buy a motorhomeAmerican, one of these'Casoplones' rolling, it is not cheap: $ 200,000 forup, and easily exceed one million, so you have totravel a lot to repay what you save on hotels. TeaYou dare to do the calculation?