Mercedes Class A Hybrid 2018: caught testing

German Compact continues to carry out its test development and have hunted for the first time what will be its plug-in hybrid variant.

The actual A class It marked a turning point for Mercedes, marked the first happened in the rejuvenation of the brand, the principle of the approach to a much larger potential audience. That's why its second generation, which comes next year, is being developed with great care and want to assume a leap over the original. Immersed in its testing phase yet fully camouflaged, we hunted the Mercedes Class A Hybrid 2018.

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The presence of this test unit confirms what was speculated that the new compact will in alignment greener versions. Secured and the presence of a Class A plug-in hybrid mechanical, rumors point even at 100% power would use a motor of 150 kW (204 hp) and have a range of 400 kilometers version. also it notes that the mark would be considering the possibility of using hydrogen fuel cells. But that is to anticipate events.

Even with all the camouflage you can guess that the new generation will not be far from the current in size, proportions and even design. The highlight is the presence of a yellow sticker on the top of the windshield that says 'HYBRID' and makes clear his nature, which confirms the fact of having two shots, each located on one of the fins of the rear wheels . A lie is for the fuel tank the other is to plug in the power and recharge the batteries. Of these we know nothing, but it is expected that confer a small autonomy that allows the Class A circulating for several kilometers in electric mode.

Mercedes Class A 2018 spy photos (10)

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It is expected that the Mercedes A Class 2018 be officially presented during the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show and commercialization begin in spring next year. The question now is whether we will see these electrical variations during the German appointment or have to wait some more.

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