McLaren-Honda will not fail to evolve the car 2016

McLaren-Honda will not fail to evolve the car 2016

The McLaren-Honda team has confirmed that, despite the modest results that are also getting this season, will not stop the car evolve to focus on 2017 2016.

McLaren-Honda remains committed
for steps to hasten this season and finish the year
with good taste. Why not cease to evolve
2016 car, the MP4-31 of Fernando Alonso Y
Jenson Button. So far they have shown
flashes of competitiveness circuit that adapts the
car, as
Monaco or Hungary, but much remains to fight
Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

The team McLaren does not rest
and plans to continue making improvements to approach the rest of
teams currently ahead, like Ferrari, Red
Bull and Mercedes. Looking ahead to Monza or Spa-Francorchamps is planning a
Strong developments that affect the motor, it will
more efficient and could contribute up to 10CV power car

"There will be some changes after the break
summer. Every development we do is also applicable to
last year's car, so we remain focused on this year and
Also in the next", Said Eric Boullier, Team

Responsible for Sling in
F1, Yusuke Hasegawa, matches
Boullier. "We will not surrender this year, but still
so we also need to start working on
2017", Said the Japanese, who adds that
Simulations have been made with the developments that
will introduce in the engine are promising, but will have to
sure if so testing them on track when they are

Hasegawa also ensures
Speaking to Autosport that all 'tokens' will be spent
(Still have 10 available) to develop the engine is
season and close the gap with other competitors before

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