It’s here! The first trailer of Ken Block Gymkhana 10

Ken Block Gymkhana Trailer 10

Ken Block has signed five cars for its latest blockbuster, but not all have been revealed. The countdown begins...

A few days ago we saw Ken Block burning wheel in Detroit. We ask ourselves if these images become part of his new gymkhana and although not the answer we do know that his Hoonicorn V2 will be part of Gymkhana 10 that we finally have a first trailer.

Block had already warned that its new production would throw the house out the window to the tenth the Gymkhana Hollywood. It seems that everything possible will be well and although they have not yet transcended much data do know that in the tenth part gymkhana five cars.

Among the Ford chosen will, of course, Hoonicorn V2 with Ken Block has given us so much joy (you remember him on the hill of Pikes Peak?). Will accompany the Ford Escort MKII and the Ford Fiesta RX43, both owned by the pilot and we had already seen in other scavenger hunts. The new additions will be an Gr.A Ford Escort RS Cosworth which recently he bought Block and another model that is known only to debut at the Gymkhana 10.

Each of these cars will have its own stage of action. This no more details but having the sequence of Hoonicorn in Detroit was part of the test, then we would have a prime location. 

The Ken Block Gymkhana 10 will be released in 2018. As a novelty, this time not chosen Youtube channel for dissemination, but Amazon Prime. The premiere arrive accompanied by a documentary called Gymkhana Files with making off of previous scavenger hunts.

Now, I leave you with the first trailer of the new Ken Block Gymkhana. Enjoy it!



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