Prices Volkswagen Polo 2017

Although it is known to one version, the Volkswagen Polo 2017 prices not yet been set, but will start above 13,000 euros

The Volkswagen Polo 2017 prices They are lookingthese weeks, while VW factory in Navarra from which occurs for allEurope mounted unit upon unit in order to supply allmarkets for their arrival at dealerships this summer.During his presentation he will reference that therange variant of access to the German market: 12,975 euros.

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However, in Spain this kind of models usually carry morestandard equipment, which raises the cost of the finished morelow range. This, coupled with the price of access modelcurrent is above 13,490 euros and AUTOBILD.ES has been known that the2017 VW Polo price adavance It will be at 17,700 euros agothink the range will start very close to 14,000 euros andsome versions could reach over 20,000.

Especially in the case of VW Polo R-Line Sport 2017 withDSG, since despite all these surnames, do notDigital Cockpit take the series, equipment thatwill cost 400 euros overprice and only mount the Polo GTI at no extra cost. However, to see moresports Poles will have to wait later this year. Yotherwise, the A-Polo cease to exist configurator VWthe low sales of the three-door version, the historical rangeCompact and disappear in the sixth generationcompletely.

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