GTA V Online, available: everything you need to know

GTA V Online, available: everything you need to know

GTA V Online is now available. Here are some tips to enjoy GTA V Online on your console.

GTA V Online It is now available from 1 October. Thenew functionality allows up to 16 players can enjoyonline gaming one of the most fashionable these days. Betweenother activities and misdeeds, players GTAOn-line They will compete in races of all kinds:"from classical competitionUrban circuits to ATVs, through theracing boats on the ocean or air events. Join thea crazy race GTA, or try a type of careercompletely new: the rallies, where the driver andcollaborate to orient passenger routes treacherous largespeed".

Upgrade(10/02/13): Numerous users have reported failuresin GTA V Online that gradually, are being solved (inthe link above you can see some of the arrangements alreadyconducted Rockstar Games. In addition, the support page Rockstar Games (English) they goupdating incidents rangingappearing. HereYou have some problems with the release of GTAOnline our companions

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To facilitate theonline access to GTAV, Rockstar Games hasoffered a number of tips and information (informationEnglish). As hasadvance the manufacturer recommendations to playGTA Online and other characteristics of supportcommunity also will be announced on the site of Rockstar GamesSocial Club - councils of the tutorial will be upgradedRegular as new content is added to V GTA Online-(Webofficial).

As it announced by themanufacturer initially and for two weeks, GTA V Online iswill focus on "adjust thegame, which will move from the stage of internal testing at the hands of aLots of people in the real world, to overcome problemsCommon initials of all online game". Later,They start running and content updates will beplayers the opportunity to create their own.

Access GTA VOn-line

Access to Online GTA V isFree with copies of Grand Theft Auto V. As planned,Today, October 1, there is "a small update for downloadPlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. After installing theupdate the shortcut to start GTA Online willunlocked in your game menu. You can jump directly to GTAV Online through the fourth slot in your character wheel GTAV ".

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GTA V Online: when will it take place?

Some of the people who have been playing mode for aplayer of Grand Theft Auto V have been wondering howcorrelates or narrative of GTA V Online crosses. Grand TheftAuto Online takes place a few months before the events ofsingle player mode of Grand Theft Auto V.

When playing GTA V Online, Rockstar Games has offeredanother set of recommendations we offer below:

GTA V Online: Home security Garage

There are a lot of chaos and betrayal which of course can causeout in the open world, but to prevent annoying'Griefing', the manufacturer has designed the party invitationshome to have a friendly social gathering where playersYou can visit any of their peers without fear of losingthe process hard earned their vehicles. "If someoneHe invites his property, it is considered a friendly visit and you can notshoot or steal cars from your garage.

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By the way, if someone organizes a lobby, if you and another playerhave the same property, you can enter your ownpersonal stay at any time. You can also enterthe other's place of that property if you exchanged and acceptedan invitation. In this way, multiple sites possession of thesame property in a lobby can coexist ".  

GTA and Fair Play

To alleviate some of theconcerns we have heard on this matter, we canassure you that the game is designed so that the optionGTA acquire $ should not affect the playable area - and there arefew mechanical garantizarlo- here to help. All theplayers have yet to rank up with Reputation Points(RP) to gain access to purchase items of superior quality.Nobody can start GTA V Online and simply spend a lot ofmoney from the start to go one step ahead.

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You'll have to earn yourgallons and play to unlock access to clothing, weapons and otheritems to which aspires. Also please remember that GTA VOnline, hurry to afford better things earning GTA $by robbery, armed robbery, winning races and otherprofitable activities is a fun gaming experience and nota simple "drudgery". As we mentioned on Wednesday, we will change constantly allareas of the game to make it a fairer game and solvebalancing problems (while everyone else managedwe find problems!), but we really need yourhelp to find out what those problems are. So please,Collaborate with us!

GTA V Online: An ever-growing collection of works

GTA V Online isone GTA long-term experience where you can expectgrowth and development in many ways in the nextweeks, months and beyond. As part of this, there will be a numberMassive jobs available to play and we will addregularly new for your enjoyment. Additionally, earlyWe help, I added content to the game yourself, creatingCustom careers and jobs deathmatch, throughthe content creator that we plan to launch this fall. GrandTheft Auto Online is a collaboration between Rockstar andGTA players all around the world, so you canindeed expect that we will be working on it together fromthe first day. As a small example, the feature Hierarchy Crew, which was included agoa few weeks at the Social Club, was a direct result ofthe most popular user reviews last year.We will be reviewing comments from the community of GTA Onlinesteadily, with input and ideas to help informhow the game should grow and evolve. As we mentionedLast week, we will be looking closely at your emails [email protected] comments sent to the boardGTA Online suggestions and upcoming forums Social Club.We look forward to welcoming you as active participantsGTA Online world from tomorrow.

System Character Creation

The creation systemcharacter based on the legacy of Grand Theft Auto Online, allowsa multitude of options to create your avatar that will inhabit the worldOnline Los Santos and Blaine County. Choose your gender anddecides about your mother and your father. From there you can choose theDominance genetic parents or leave them even. The choseit's yours. Then adjust a set of variables Stylelife that determine the appearance of your character in GTA V Onlineand startup characteristics. Decide how many hours of sleepYou need, how much holiday is spent, versus how much honest workand more illegal activity. In essence, you can adjust thegenetics to kill a boy / young or gray / a, a degenerateor any pinched therebetween. You can also preview thethe end result in real time to make sure you're satisfiedbefore putting your character in a direct flight to LS. ByOf course, once out in the open world, you can customizebelow your character with hairstyles, clothes and accessoriesto take your taste.

• In GTA Online, Social Club members have accessto unlockable weapons and vehicles to a whole new suiteCrew features to represent and coordinate withequipment and special tools to make the most ofRockstar works and works created by userswith the creator of content that will launch this fall. Take alook at the updated to have aoverview of the features of GTA V Online in SocialClub, including new possibilities for customizing CrewCrew as colors and emblem vinyls for vehicles,Crew message options and open and closed sessions Crew.Additionally you have unlockable as a shotgun,Annis Elegy RH8 and the option of kinship with John Marston formake the family proud Marston is in the AL Westmodern era. Stay tuned for more information laterOctober with the first events of GTA Online on the Social Club,who will play lists special event under the directionRockstar, car license plates in the game reserved forbetter players and more. So if ye have not joined youWe recommend doing so.

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