Ford Focus 2018, hunted in Spain

The 2018 Ford Focus is already in beta testing! Ford team has been commissioned to realize that we discover any secret of the new version of the model. I can tell you is called Ringo ... If you're dying to know more, you'll have to wait a few months, but we bring you the first spy pictures of the model hunted in Spain.

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He Ford Focus 2018 is already beingtests, particularly in northern Europe. Ford notIt was he wanted to play and wanted to cover the most of the aestheticits new model. If we know more, we will have to wait a fewmonths. our colleagues have been able to catch a drive on which thebehind you can read Ringo, while more recentlyWe could catch a test mule in Spain.

Lines Ford Focus 2018They are very intuitive, if you stop to look at it coldly, remembersubtly the new FordParty. The front is very sharp, we can say thatsimularía one cradle. 

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We can not assure how they will be the taillights but youI can count the new Focus have a rounded pillar Cand a small spoiler. Similarly, those who they have beensee these mules tests ensure that the new generationFocus will grow in size, and as pointed out severalsources, will be more spacious than its main competitors. FromThus, the Volkswagen Golf and the new Honda Civic will be eclipsed in this sectionthe new American compact.

One of the main innovations include the new Focus2018 will be the new steering system 'Steer byWire ', a system that will not have physical connection betweensteering wheel and front axle, but allow adjust the hardness andgear ratio according to the speed. At low speeds will bea direct address, as the pace increases, the systemincrease the gear ratio and hardness. 

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Mechanical range of the new FordFocus will feature several powertrains. up to threeversions 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine could reach the range,acompañafas variants that would be for several diesel optionsThey would turn to the TDCi engines 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter. Forcomplete this offer will be available two versionspower.

This renewal of the compact is in phasetests. So far they have caught two mules test callPaul and Ringo another. We could wait up to two more, christened withthe names John and George honoring the famous band TheBeatles.

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