Five virtues and Mini Countryman defect 2017

Here I bring five virtues and Mini Countryman 2017 default, if you need arguments when buying the largest to date Mini. The new generation of the Countryman was presented a few months ago in the Hall of Los Angeles 2016 and brought different news with it, such as a plug-in hybrid variant, which shared drive with the BMW 225xe IPerformance and debuting in the range.

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Between the five virtues and defects of the Mini Countryman2017 You will find almost everything, but the second generationMinilargest in history reinvents itself after hearingcustomer needs first generation. It waspresented a few months ago in the HallLos Angeles 2016 and reaches the Spanish market in March thisyear, although prices have not been made public so far.

So goes the Mini Countryman for off-road territory:

However, we know many of the details of the Mini Countryman 2017, andeven we have conducted in the UK, so youI can show five virtues and even a defect of the new model.The highlight of this new generation is the hybrid variantPlug-called Mini Cooper S E CountrymanALL4, which shares the propulsion system and the BMW 225xe IPerformanceapproves a combined cycle fuel consumption of just To 2.1 liters100 kilometers.

But it is also the newCountryman has grown over its predecessor.Specifically, it makes additional 200 mm long, 30 mm overwidth and wheelbase increases by 75 mm. This,of course, it allows you to have a more spacious interior forfive passengers and a trunk passing from 350 to 450liters, and 1,100 to 1,309 liters with therear seats are folded down.

Mini Countryman 2017: the biggest mini history (16)

  • New Mini Countryman 2017
  • New Mini Countryman 2017 side
  • 2017 Mini Countryman new profile
  • New Mini Countryman 2017 behind
  • New Mini Countryman 2017 back
  • 2017 Mini Countryman new front
  • New Mini Countryman 2017 Interior
  • 2017 new Mini Countryman interior detail
  • New Mini Countryman 2017 rear seats
  • New Mini Countryman 2017 key
  • New Mini Countryman 2017 trunk
  • Mini Countryman 2017
  • 2017 Mini Countryman side
  • 2017 Mini Countryman Interior
  • 2017 Mini Countryman Exterior
  • 2017 Mini Countryman window

The off-road capability new Mini Countryman is another oneaspect to highlight thanks to a series of improvementsimplemented in the dynamics of the model, while aextensive equipment allows you to have all the comforts ofsegment-leading models. However, the new dimensions andtechnical sophistication of its mechanical and dynamic section couldcause Mini essence loss in the Countryman, toAlthough they have been the consumers themselves who haveDefendant these important changes. Do not miss the galleryimaging to meet the five virtues and defects of the MiniCountryman 2017.

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