Changes in the regulations of F1 2016

Russia schedules GP F1 2016

The FIA ​​has published changes in the regulations of F1 2016, both technical and sporty. One that can most affect career development and strategies of the teams is that from 2016 there will be three types of compounds available for each event.

The FIA he has
published changes in the regulations of F1 2016
which will affect the teams that will form the grid next
season. Ost significant affect the use of tires
race as Pirelli will make available to
teams and drivers a total of three different compounds. Further,
They have been approved other important standards such as the possibility of
rehomologar a power unit a year earlier.

 In addition, others have been approved
2016 F1 regulation changes as specified

  • The pilots try to not exceed the limits of the track without
    reasons can be justified. If the situation is repeated (departing
    Track) may impose a penalty.
  • Each car will incorporate a camera FIA,
    which will be used to revistar data in the event of an accident.
    funciomaniento should always be in charge of the teams.
    It will be connected to the FIA ​​to measure G forces resulting from
    an accident.
  • To make changes to the setup of the car by changes
    Weather will have to wait until Race Direction
    Lance message "Change in climatic conditions".
  • He February 28, 2016 will be the deadline
    for the approval of the power units
  • The pilot which causes output and can be aborted
    resume walking, you must start from the pit-lane once
    relance the race.
  • Displays or test will be done with cars
    2011 or earlier. If they are later must inform the FIA
    the pilot, the engine and chassis specification, rather than
    celebration and intent of the test.
  • In the event that two events are separated by 24 days during
    julio o agosto, factories must close for equipment
    14 consecutive days. If you are 17 days apart
    during the mencionaos months, factories will close 13 days
  • Team mechanics may not work on the car during
    an interval of 8 hours, starting before the first session
    and Saturday free practice.
  • The car can only be started in the box, pit-lane or
    the grid
  • installation of on-board cameras will be regulated
    FOM in the car and stands for no
    aerodynamically affect.
  • a leak that must be addressed will be installed to the
    center of the car. There can not be any body
    completely covering and both exhaust pipes must occupy the
    same area. The turbo will have a waste outlet.
  • The FIA and authorizes the use of rehomologaión
    power units approved in previous seasons.
  • The number of sets of tires for each rider will be 13.
    Pirelli will give two games (one of them will have to use
    race) and one that will be softer for use in Q3 of
    classification. The remaining 10, any of the three compounds
    disponiles, free choice will use the pilot.
  • The tire supplier (Pirelli)
    made available to the teams three types of compounds
    different, which affect career development and
    will cause a greater variety of strategies. They have to
    notify the FIA ​​on a deadline, and your selection will
    secret until two weeks before the race. With the introduction
    supersoft tire, the number of available compounds
    Dry is five. Each pilot can take different tires
    to his companion.
  • just use the DRS will be enabled after a period of Virtual
    Safety Car, which also could also be implemented in
    free practice as an existing risk is solved in

And if Fernando Alonso decides to return to Renault?

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