New Ford Kuga 2016: See how it looks after facelift

It has already been revealed and in this video we bring you some pictures where you can see how has been the new Ford Kuga 2016 after undergoing a major facelift. Such renewal mainly affects aesthetics, it also incorporates the Infotainment system Ford SYNC3 and has a new range of TDCi engines. Press play and judges whether the change is for the better ...

He new Ford Kuga 2016 it's here! In thisvideo you will see as has been the SUV Ford after being subjected to amajor facelift.

It was recently unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2016Barcelona, ​​we understand that the great newstechnological it brings, and we have found that thisrenovation also affects your appearance and hismechanics

The Kuga 2016, which goes on saleEurope this fall, has been revised its headlights andback, it has a renewed front with a new grille designand presents some best finishes. 

Mechanically, they have announced the addition to its range ofpropeller engines TDCi 1.5 liter four-cylinder120 hp. This adds to the already known 2.0 TDCi 150 hp andEcoboost petrol engine 1.5, available in three powers.

In addition, another of the great innovations contained in newKuga is the Infotainment system SYNC3, What is itcompatible with Android Auto Y Apple carplay. Eastsystem promises a better user experience and ensuresart connectivity.

Want to discover how it is after facelift? Atvideo, the result ...

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